will be bringing you daily updates from the field as the human survivors battle to stem the ever growing tide of zombies.

Humans v. Zombies is an elaborate game of tag involving about 1,000 playes, which is being played on UF campus through Sunday. Players start off as humans and become zombies when tagged by another zombie. Human players can defend themselves with foam dart guns or balled up socks.

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(Latest Video) Days 6 and 7: The finale

The tenacity of the human resistance, and the addition of some cure-filled rockets, couldn't prevent the zombie apocalypse from taking over.


Tracking the Virus

Current trends in infection rate suggest that zombification occurs most often in the evening hours, when it seems that zombies are more active and humans more brazen. For more on Solanum and effective ways of handling zombies, reference the">Zombie Survival Guide." alt="" />" alt="" />" alt="" />


Day 5: The cure

The introduction of "cure cards" gives hope to some zombies who wish to rejoin the human ranks.


Day 4: The OZ

Today we meet the OZ (Original Zombie) and find out what zombies like to eat. (We'll give you a hint -- it rhymes with "grains.")


Day 3: The scientist

The zombie hoard grew as humans made their way across campus to rescue a scientist trapped in an on-campus building.


Day 2: The zombie picnic

On a bright and sunny day, young Parker and Kira Stevens joined their father for an outdoor zombie-watching picnic. Humans also swarmed Marston Science Library to complete four tasks to accomplish one of the day's missions. 


Day 1: The infection begins

The Solanum infection, a.k.a. "Zombie Virus," has taken ahold of the student population and resistance has mounted. Squads of human survivors have formed to protect each other as they move about campus. This video focuses on the intial resistance.


Day 0: The rules


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Liking that sharp downturn in the zombie population. Stay Vigilant

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