Inside a repurposed industrial building, the Seventh Annual Musical Chairs Fundraiser will take place Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Cheryl Poe, the president of Friends of Elementary Arts Inc., said money raised at the event goes toward transportation for kids from 25 Alachua County elementary schools to go on field trips to experience art and music.

The venue, which currently houses the new Gainesville Fine Arts Association gallery, is situated at 1314 S. Main St. It was donated to accommodate up to 300 estimated guests, Poe said.

Last year, about 150 people attended. Along with attendance, she hopes to double last year’s total money raised to $10,000.

The event coincides with the gallery’s monthly themed art show by showcasing both GFAA art displays and items for auction, said Alfred Phillips, the gallery director. February’s themes are love and compassion, but the auction items have a variety of decorations.

The event’s proceeds will come mostly from a silent auction that includes recycled chairs and painted cigar boxes. About 50 local artists donate the chairs, which start at $125, and the boxes, which start at $50, Poe said.

Linda Henderson, the coordinator of the artists and chairs, started donating art for the silent auction at the first event.

Before the fundraiser, Henderson said she applied for grants before taking her students to the Samuel P. Harn Museum, which cost about $275 between transportation and a substitute teacher.

“Many of my students had never been to an art museum,” Henderson said. “It was a great experience for them.”

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