A Romney supporter, who refused to give her name, is upset about the election results Tuesday night at Salty Dog Saloon.

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Journalism Vigilante

Whoever titled this photo should be ashamed. I am not a Romney supporter, and I still think it was done in very poor taste. It is never OK to make fun of someone for losing, especially not in a public manner like this. It shows a severe lack of maturity and professionalism from the Alligator staff on all levels -- from the photo editors or copy editors who wrote this catchline to the editorial and production staff who let it run this way. This is one of those things that you may joke about in the newsroom, but should never actually make it to print. I'm disappointed in you, Alligator.




"We're the Alligator, and we take pictures of girls crying."

Cool story, Alligator. Stay classy.




Oh, shut up, Journalism Vigilante, it's fabulous.

Poor little darling!


Four more years of fiscal irresponsibility, higher taxes, and a highly flawed/generally mysterious healthcare overhaul that > 50% of the nation didn't want. I'm surprised more of us aren't STILL crying. Politics aside, printing this picture was in very poor taste. I won't be picking up a copy of the Alligator any time soon.


there's a beer RIGHT THERE!!!! why is she crying?


No, she was, at the moment, realizing that an ex boyfriend posted nude photos of her on isanyoneup......


Maybe she was upset not merely because Romney lost, but because she thought her country must be SOOO stupid (could be.)

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