To put it lightly, America is going through a bit of a rough patch right now. So much so that a lot of Americans can hardly bare to watch the evening news or peruse their local paper as they sip their morning coffee.

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High school me was very different than the current me. Now, this column is not going to be about my dynamic growth as a person, so I’m not going to go into too much detail. Here are some highlights: High school me was going to wait until she was 21 to drink (ha). High school me thought it was cool to wear a skirt over jeans. High school me once put a stuffed lobster in her pocket to be quirky. High school me was very self-conscious about wearing glasses. High school me thought no boy would ever like her. High school me didn’t go to parties and then justified that she wasn’t invited with the fact that she wouldn’t have wanted to go anyway.

I had the opportunity to fly quite a bit this past summer, with a couple trips to New York and Boston, but mostly several trips to San Francisco to visit my girlfriend in Berkeley, California.

Over the last several days, even amid all of the news coverage surrounding Hurricane Irma, Hillary Clinton has once again managed to find her way into the news cycle for the release of her new book, “What Happened.” Stories surrounding Clinton and her book reveal excerpts that demonstrate her true thoughts on President Donald Trump, her now-evident dislike of Bernie Sanders and, ultimately, her thoughts on the 2016 election. As someone who has had nothing but political disdain for Clinton for most of my adult life, I now pity the poor woman. To detail her political loss, which was supposed to be the highlight of her career, must have been devastating. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. In fact, I feel bad for Hillary Clinton.

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Darts and Laurels

You’re sitting at a table in your favorite local coffee shop, sipping on an oh-so-delicious vanilla latte you’ve been craving all day. You sit there and somewhat pretentiously scribble away in your journal, pretending as though you have some sort of dark, mysterious thing going on. You hope maybe you’ll catch someone’s eye, and they’ll be enamoured by how deep you appear to be.

You pop your head out of your apartment door. It’s Monday, Sept. 11, 2017 — the day after Hurricane Irma hit. You and your roommates decide now that the storm has passed, it would be fun to navigate the great outdoors and investigate the damage Irma left behind.

You slowly make your way into the Marston Science Library Starbucks, sleep-deprived and in desperate need of your favorite holiday beverage: the pumpkin spice latte. Yes, dear readers, it’s back.

The world swarms around us, and yet we tightly clutch our Study Edge packets and scrounge for seats in Library West, focused on the finish line that we see so clearly. For some of us, this is the final countdown — just a few more days until we must face the real world and all it holds, good and bad. For others, this is just another push to the finish line before we start the next lap. Either way, this is the hardest part of the race. It’s bittersweet, though, as we present to you this semester’s final…