• Jeremy Haas
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Thanks to the 1999 “Rave Law” put into effect by the city of Gainesville, every bar in town must close its doors at 2 a.m. It’s a strange phenomenon, being anywhere in town that late. Closing time rolls around, and streets in Midtown and downtown are awash with drunken students looking for s…

  • Rebecca Rubin
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If there’s one thing Gainesville has no shortage of, it’s restaurants. There are so many breakfast options alone, even a tough critic like Ron Swanson would be impressed. While Gainesville has plenty of places to get the classic bacon-and-eggs combo, there are some hidden gems with unique ta…

  • Kirsten Chuba
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We all know the routine: You have a few hours to kill between classes, or you’re on campus late at night and need to grab a bite to eat. You’re tired of dropping the same $8 or $9 at Chipotle or Chick-fil-A, so you’re looking for something that will satisfy both your wallet and your taste bu…

  • Emma Witmer
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This Saturday, one of Gainesville’s signature downtown events, the Original Gainesville Food Truck Rally, is returning to High Dive.

Taste Pho & Noodle House, located at 3117 SW 34th St., will host its second annual pho-eating contest today at 7 p.m.

  • By Paola Asencio, Avenue Writer
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A great way to start off the summer is by getting a taste of different cuisines from across the area.

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