• Andrew Osorio
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Fall is here, and the climate is changing. No, I’m not talking about the outdoors — we’ve got a few months left of 80- to 90-degree weather. I’m talking about the climate of film: out with the summer blockbusters and in with the Oscar bait and film-festival favorites. For those of you wonder…

  • By Nicole Clark, Avenue Writer
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“The Originals,” a spinoff of “The Vampire Diaries,” centers on the Mikaelson siblings: Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt). The show takes place in New Orleans, where the Mikaelson’s return after a century away to find and protect Klaus’ child, better kn…

  • Kelsey Bona, Avenue Writer
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With the presidential election drawing near, “Southside With You” manages to escape the sea of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump yard signs in order to say, “Hey, remember how likable our current president is?”

  • Janiece Sebris, Avenue Writer
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“Stranger Things,” the critically acclaimed Netflix original, is a television show where the phrase “Stranger things have happened,” could probably trace its origin.

  • Chase Granger, Avenue Writer
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No. 9 Productions, Inc. is filming the pilot episode for a new show based in Gainesville on Saturday at the Squitieri Studio Theatre at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

  • Kirsten Chuba, Avenue Writer
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Ever watched one of your favorite shows, seen actors your own age and wondered where they went to school? Well if your favorite show is “Bloodline,” one of the show’s stars has been walking around the UF campus with you all along. Taylor Rouviere, 19, plays Jane Rayburn in the hit Netflix sh…

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