Eerie similarities link Bundy, Rolling

For the families of victims killed in two Florida murder sprees, the names Ted Bundy and Danny Rolling are unforgettable.

But for others, distinguishing the two infamous serial killers isn't such a simple task. Their mannerisms, methods and motivation to kill remain hauntingly similar, while other characteristics of the two are quite different.

Born Nov. 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vt., Theodore Robert Bundy had a fairly regular childhood with his Methodist family.

"I was a normal person," Bundy said in his final interview with psychologist and TV host James Dobson before his execution. "I had good friends. I led a normal life."

Daniel Harold Rolling, born May 26, 1954 in Shreveport, La., had a harsher childhood with his abusive father and protective Pentecostal mother.

Both men became interested in voyeurism and petty theft at a young age, and both later used those skills to stalk their victims.

Bundy was articulate, successful and attractive. He dated several women, married one during his trial and received fan letters from women each day while he was in prison. He did charity work, campaigned for the Republican Party and, in the midst of his murders, he attended law school at the University of Utah.

Rolling, however, was never successful. A high school dropout, he worked many jobs but could never keep one for long. He had never lived on his own, except for in campsites he set up before his murders. He had married once and fathered a daughter, but he barely saw her after his divorce.

Both men enjoyed writing songs and traveled the country.

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