“Adulting,” or more appropriate terms, paying bills and attending college is frightening. As soon as we graduate high school, we are then expected to just know how to “adult.” Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

As I was thinking about this week’s project, I noticed an empty spot on my wall that needed filling, so I decided to look for DIY wall décor and found the coolest thing. This project is a little more tedious than the previous ones, but it’s worth it.

The book “Room” was just too good to put into words.

From the tone of the last two blogs in this series, you might be expecting me to point out another one of Hollywood’s flaws. While the movie industry has a long way to go, it is doing some things right and I think those deserve recognition too.

They say lightning never strikes twice, and for it to happen in the music industry is often a challenging feat. However, Dan Auerbach, lead singer and guitarist of The Black Keys, has got that metaphorical lightning down to a science.

Its spring, a season of blooming flowers and beautiful weather. For the University of Florida’s school of music, it is also recital season. Last week and this week, in the University’s music building or MUB, there were several junior and graduate voice recitals featuring classical Italian, G…

With independent music becoming more and more prominent, veterans of the business have been taking notice. In May of 2014, legendary rapper Nas launched Mass Appeal Records as a label for up-and-coming emcees to make a name for themselves. The label has signed Bishop Nehru, Fashawn, Run the …

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