The big question for readers in this day and age is: Do I read physical books or e-books?

I can answer this question quite simply because, for me, it’s always been a no-brainer.

The answer is physical books.  Forever and always.

While I do understand the practicality and reason for e-books, I just can’t read on an e-reader. I spend most of my days looking at a computer screen, phone or TV. When I can, I prefer to give my eyes a technology break and read an actual book.

I also like print books because I like being able to see my books  on my bookshelf. I wouldn’t be able to actually see all the books I wanted to read if they were on a tablet.

I also love the idea of flipping through pages because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment when I finish a book. Along that same note, it’s much easier to flip back and find something you liked. It’s also easier to mark it or sticky note. Yes, I know that you can also do this on an e-reader, but it’s really not the same as a physical book.

Now I’ll admit, e-readers do make carrying around multiple books so much easier, but I honestly like carrying around multiple books. It makes it so much easier to lend a book to a friend too. You can lend out books with an e-reader, but I feel there’s so much more of a connection when you give a book to someone that you actually turned the pages of too.

I’ve been asked multiple times by people if I ever want an e-reader, and the answer is always ‘no.’ I understand as part of the younger generation, I should be so into the latest technology but I’m not.

I like reading my physical books, and I don’t see that ever changing in the future.