For as long as I can remember, I’ve always hated fantasy and science fictions books.

GASP! Does that mean she doesn’t like the “Harry Potter” series?

Yes, I am sorry to confirm that I was never a fan of “Harry Potter,” although I did read most of them just to understand the craze. I finally stopped halfway through the fourth book because it was just too much for me.

There have been a few exceptions to my usual dislike of fantasy though.

I was a lover of the “Twilight” saga and “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

At the time, I feel like I loved them because they were unique from any other fantasy book.

“Twilight” was one of the first books to include vampires. I know, I fully realize that vampires are completely overdone now, but “Twilight” was the only book I read that included vampires.

And it will probably be the last book I read that includes vampires, too.

Without telling the whole long story, I always hated the author of “The Hunger Games,” Suzanne Collins. But, I had a teacher who loved her dearly and she got me to read “The Hunger Games,” and I am glad I did.

After reading the rest of the trilogy, I found my dislike for Suzanne Collins all over again.

So what do I like to read?

I enjoy contemporary books and romance books.

I know everyone reading this probably cringed unless you’re like me and like those books then you probably shrieked with joy.

For a brief overview, contemporary books are books written in present time that involve the real world. Basically if they weren’t classified as fiction, you could easily believe them to be non-fiction.

I watch a lot of avid readers videos on YouTube, and I feel like I’m quite unusual in that I only like contemporary and romance books.  

Simply said, I guess I just like contemporary books because I’m living in the real world, so it’s much easier to transfer myself to the book world when it’s so much like my own world.