ITEM: Local avant-garde experimental performance artist Tom Miller releases his 51st music album entitled, "Tom Miller Plays the iPhone." Official limited hard-copy editions of the recording will be made available at the CD Release Event at the Reverend Angeldust's Tabernacle of Hedonism located in 1982 Bar on University Avenue Monday, 11/11/2013 at 9pm.

ABOUT THE ALBUM: This album is Tom Miller's 51st musical release. Mr. Miller has not released a full album since "Fairyland" 2005. "Tom Miller Plays the iPhone" is a completely unique entry into experimental avant-garde ambient music. Miller performed each song in a single shot using various free music apps available from Apple including Bloom, ThumbJam, and AmbiSci among others. These apps allow for organic use of the iPhone as a fully realized instrument (raising the phone results in volume variations, moving the phone from side to side renders bends of pitch and tone.)

"I felt technology had reached a point where music could be easy, fun, and beautiful yet still retain it's emotional and organic qualities. I finished this entire album and the accompanying videos in just a few hours. But having traditional musicianship combined with the ease of electronic music apps provides an entirely new genre of Ambient music."

"Tom Miller Plays the iPhone" contains six songs and each has an accompanying YouTube video available to those who purchase the digital package. Miller claims that although he is not the first to make an entire music album on the iPhone, he is the first solo artist to create an entire ambient iPhone album in under five hours. And Miller is also able to perform the songs live on stage using only the iPhone and an amp. Thus, "Tom Miller Plays the iPhone" is a unique entry in American Experimental Music.

The album art was designed by fellow Musician and Artist, Charlie McWhorter (formerly of Planet Ten and Cracked Actor). McWhorter's design brings together elements of old-school punk, combined with futurism and noir--BladeRunner-Style. 


  • Occurred Monday, November 11th, 2013 @ 9:00 pm


1982 Bar

919 W. University Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32601


Tom Miller