SG Senator Ben Lima announced Inspire Party’s executive ticket Thursday afternoon by sending an email to The Alligator and through Facebook.

The ticket includes Revel Lubin running for Student Body president, Bijal Desai running for Student Body vice president and Alyssa Bethencourt running for Student Body treasurer.

Lubin, a UF criminology and African American studies junior, will serve as the Student Body treasurer until April. Lubin disaffiliated from Impact Party, the party he ran with last year to become treasurer, over a week ago and announced he would affiliate with Inspire.

Desai was born in Cape Town, South Africa. The UF food and resource economics junior founded the Gator Civilian Club of Gainesville and is an active member in the Indian Students Association and the president of Volunteers for International Student Affiars, Lima wrote in an email.

Bethencourt was elected as a senator in Spring 2016 and served as a member of the allocations and judiciary committee. The UF telecommunications junior served as the director of Student Government Outreach for the Freshman Leadership Council, an executive board member for the Black Student Union and the vice president of membership for Savant Leadership Honorary, Lima said.

Lima, 19, who also serves as the Inspire president, said they decided on the executive ticket this month.

“We’re really happy that we’re able to get these three extremely passionate and qualified individuals to run with Inspire Party,” Lima said. “We’re seeing the enthusiasm and positive reactions on social media.”

Lima, a UF political science sophomore, said he’s excited to have Lubin on board because of the experiences he gained from serving as treasurer.

“Revel is someone who does what he thinks is right in his heart,” he said.

Correction: This story has been updated to reflect that Revel Lubin is a junior, not a sophomore and that Inspire's ticket was announced Thursday.

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