A day after Inspire Party released its platform, Impact Party published its own on Thursday.

Kylie Werk, an Impact Party campaign manager, said the Impact platform was based on student input gathered Monday and Tuesday, as well as during the past year since Impact Party members were elected in the executive branch and the majority of the Student Government Senate.

Some ideas on the platform include lobbying for 100 percent expansion of Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program, creating midterm faculty examinations and establishing a UF music festival.

Some ideas on Inspire’s platform include free feminine hygiene products, improving communication between students and the Multicultural and Diversity Affairs office, and establishing online voting for SG elections.

Werk said students they spoke to were most concerned with 24/7 libraries, the Counseling & Wellness Center’s lack of counselors and expanding SG printing locations.

Both Impact and Inspire said they would hire new mental health counselors to help with overbooking at the center.

Impact said they would hold a referendum to decide what library will be 24/7. Inspire said they would commit to making either Marston Science Library or Library West, or both, 24/7.

“If we’re elected, and we get to serve in the Senate, we want to make sure the $20 million in the budget are used to improve the university as a whole and the student lives,” said Ben Lima, Inspire Party’s president.

Werk said Impact party created a small 10-piece platform because candidates wanted tangible ideas to accomplish by next Fall. Inspire party had 14 platform ideas.

“It is a little more general so students have the ability to ask questions to senators when they’re campaigning in person,” Werk said about Impact’s platform.