Revival IV Lounge is Gainesville's newest health spa that focuses on rejuvenating customers through vitamin-infused IV drips. In addition to these treatments, the lounge also offers a variety of intramuscular shots that aid in boosting energy and promoting weight loss.


For the first time in Gainesville, people feeling sick, tired or dehydrated can buy an IV infusion.

Revival IV Lounge, a business that specializes in providing customers with vitamin-infused IV solutions, opened at 10 a.m. Thursday at 3300 SW Archer Road, Suite 110. Nichole Pogue, the founder and owner, said injections range in price from $85 to $175, depending on the ingredients and are not covered by medical insurance.

“Our goal is to make it as relaxing as possible but also get you in and out because we know everyone has a busy life,” said Pogue, a 34-year-old nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner and UF almuna. She graduated with a major in psychology from UF in 2006, she said.

She got the idea for her company in October while traveling to other cities and seeing similar businesses.

“The more I researched it, the more I realized that it would benefit the residents of Gainesville,” Pogue said.

Though this is the first business of its kind in Gainesville, Pogue said the concept has been around since the 1950s. A doctor named John Myers invented the “Myers’ Cocktail,” which Pogue bases her own infusions on, she said.

Pogue said the IVs are given by registered nurses and paramedics, and the lounge is overseen by a physician.

Pogue said that coming from a hospital background has prepared her and her staff to keep the same standards followed in a hospital.

“All the vitamins come from an FDA-approved compounding pharmacy,” Pogue said.

A customer will walk in, fill out paperwork, have their medical history reviewed, browse the menu of IV infusions and then wait while the chosen infusion is prepared to order. It takes about an hour to administer an infusion to each customer.

Different vitamins can help with different needs, ranging from workout recovery and hangover relief, to immune system and energy boosts, Pogue said. Because the vitamins go straight through the IV and into the bloodstream, customers absorb 100 percent of the vitamins instead of the 30 to 40 percent they’d receive from a pill, she said.

Pogue said people are welcome to come in groups or individually.

Monika Baldwin, 27, and Robyn Szabo, 39, of Gainesville were Revival IV lounge’s first two customers. The two friends were excited for the opportunity after they saw the store’s opening on social media.

Baldwin said she normally has about four infusions a year at a doctor in Clearwater, Florida, or while she’s traveling but may have them more often since she now has this local option.

“I haven’t been sick in four years,” Baldwin said.

She said she was starting to feel the signs of a cold, so she ordered the “Chicken Noodle Soup” infusion in hopes of keeping the streak alive.

Szabo, who owns a whole body cryotherapy business, Gainesville Cryotherapy, was receiving her first IV infusion today, she said.

She said she wanted to learn more about this other health and wellness treatment.

“I’m really glad Gainesville has this service, because I think we’ve been lacking in this type of preventative self-care,” Szabo said.

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