Students wait to vote in Marston Science Library on Tuesday. 

Anthony Neher collected four “I Voted!” stickers in Marston Science Library to take back to his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, to win a prize. He said it’s normal for Greek life students to vote for Impact Party.

The UF electrical engineering sophomore said his fraternity told him to vote for Impact, but he chose Inspire Party.

“It’s really not beneficial to just vote with an organization because the majority of the people believe in something,” the 20-year-old said. “I think you should just vote for whatever you believe in.”

Supervisor of Elections Erica Baker said 6,484 students cast their votes Tuesday. This is a 2,002 vote increase compared to Spring 2017, when 4,482 votes were cast on the first day of voting. In Spring 2016, 6,644 votes were cast, according to Alligator archives.

Today is the last day for students to vote for the Student Body president, vice president and treasurer as well as 50 senators from each college.

Reid Hines, 20, said he feels he makes a small difference every time he votes in a SG election, which he’s done every Fall and Spring.

“A lot of those little impacts add up,” the UF biology sophomore said. “It’s my duty as a UF student to try and have some input. It feels powerful because I’m having influence.”

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