A Gainesville man was arrested for trying to kill his wife early Saturday, Alachua County Sheriff's Office said.

Michael James Reuschel, 62, stabbed his wife repeatedly after the pair argued about getting divorced, according to an arrest report. Reuschel then forced her to stay in bed as she bled profusely and cut himself so they could die together, according to the report.

Reuschel and his wife had been separated for several months and lived in different homes in different counties, according to the report. On Saturday, his wife returned to the Alachua home they shared to discuss their marriage, according to the report.

Deputies said the argument escalated in a bedroom when Reuschel jumped on his wife and stabbed her in the arm, neck and stomach repeatedly.

“Michael, you are going to kill me,” she said.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do,” Reuschel replied, according to the report.

Reuschel then cut his own arm and got in bed, deputies said.

After about an hour, Reuschel told his wife she could live if she went along with the story that someone broke in, according to the report. He took off his bloodstained clothing and covered his wife with a robe before calling 911, deputies said.

He gave deputies conflicting versions of what happened, deputies said. Reuschel was charged with attempted murder, false imprisonment, obstructing police and tampering with evidence.

He was taken to the Alachua County Jail where he remains on no bond.

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 Correction: This story has been updated to reflect that this case was handled by the Alachua County Sheriff's Office, not Gainesville Police as previously reported.