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A new smoothie restaurant on UF’s campus will replace Freshens in Spring.

Shake Smart, a health food restaurant where all menu items are below $6, will open early Spring at Southwest Recreation Center and the Reitz Union, said Student Body President Smith Meyers at Tuesday’s UF Senate meeting. Meyers said the change will bring another healthy food option to campus.

He also mentioned other upcoming SG plans, including free green testing books, which normally cost 50 cents at libraries and in campus vending machines. Students can get up to two exam books with their Gator 1 Card, available in upcoming weeks, Meyers said. SG spent $5,000 to order the books.

“None of us carry cash on hand, much less change, so we’re excited to bring that service here to UF,” he said.

There will also be six open rooms in Library West for online testing that will open soon, Meyers said.

Students in the AIM program, which helps at-risk students, will receive free StudyEdge vouchers, Meyers said. SG spent $5,000 on the project and got the vouchers at a 75 percent discount from Study Edge. He hopes this will help with retention rates of underrepresented communities.

“Because most of the time they’re at-risk students, they may need just a little more help, especially in those big classes,” Meyers said.

Romy Ellenbogen is a junior journalism major and the Investigations Editor. She religiously checks her email inbox ([email protected]) and makes a great to-do list.