Starbucks is now offering new reusable, plastic cups for $1. Consumers save 25 cents when they bring the reusable cup.

Brandy Myers drinks Starbucks coffee about five times a week.

About three weeks ago, while standing in line at the Reitz Union Starbucks, she saw a sign for a new, reusable plastic cup the company was selling.

The cups, which cost $1, have been around since early January but have just recently come to UF.

People can save 10 cents on their beverage when they bring their own reusable cup, mug or travel tumbler, according to Starbucks’ website.

In the Reitz Union Starbucks, people get 25 cents off a beverage purchase when they bring a reusable cup purchased from the company.

“It really appealed to my frugal side,” said Myers, a 20-year-old UF finance and criminology sophomore.

Myers said she has been getting into sustainability lately and raising her environmental awareness, so she decided to buy something reusable.

She has had the cup for a few weeks now and has no complaints.

Starbucks is a brand that carries a specific image, Myers said, and she feels the logo on the cup will definitely help increase sales.

However, Richard Lutz, a UF marketing professor, said it may not be just about the logo.

Lutz said although Starbucks has a very positive brand name, he believes consumers will care more about the money they save and the environmental concerns.

He said college students may be more likely than working adults to buy these new cups because of money, not age.

Corinne Maloy, a 19-year-old UF digital arts and sciences freshman, said she thinks it’s good that Starbucks is trying to cut back on waste from disposable cups, but she probably won’t buy a reusable cup for herself.

Maloy said she only buys Starbucks once or twice a month, and she is always losing and forgetting things.

“I would gather up a stash of them,” she said.