UF pre-occupational therapy freshman Ellen Overby, 19, scrolls through her Instagram feed Wednesday morning.

The Gator Nation is chomping into Instagram feeds around the world.

The #UFSocial team has launched an Instagram campaign featuring the hashtag #GatorNationIsEverywhere. Students’ photos from studying abroad are being featured on the official UF Instagram account, @UFlorida.

The #UFSocial team was inspired to utilize the tagline when it noticed the growing trend of fans referencing the Gator Nation throughout social media, said Bruce Floyd, a social media specialist for University Relations.

“We were able to gather more consistent images, making the transition from more organic to more coordinated pictures and posts,” Floyd said. “We enjoy seeing images of Gators all over the nation and world, and we are excited to share them.”

This campaign also serves as an opportunity for the UF International Center to promote its study abroad programs.

Jill Ranaivoson, a UF study abroad adviser, has been working with the #UFSocial team throughout the campaign. She said she hopes the campaign will show students what it’s like to be a Gator abroad by highlighting various programs.

“It is hard to say if this campaign will influence the numbers of people registering for our programs,” Ranaivoson said, “But this has been great in helping to raise awareness about the services we offer around campus.”

Abbey Konchan, a 21-year-old UF marketing junior who traveled abroad to Israel with a group of fellow Gators, said she was proud to be featured in one of UF’s Instagram posts.

“The Gators are definitely a pretty international brand,” Konchan said. “I wouldn’t even think twice about tagging my pictures with #GatorNationIsEverywhere because it is second nature for me to promote my school.”

[A version of this story ran on page 4 on 1/23/2014 under the headline "#UFSocial pinpoints where Gator Nation is"]