Field and Fork Pantry

More than 162,968 pounds of food later, the UF Field and Fork Pantry is set to make an appearance on the online platform for NBC’s “Today” show.

The show is interested in learning more about the Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Field and Fork Pantry located on the UF campus, said Ambre Hobson, assistant director of the Care Area for the Dean of Students Office.

The Food for Fines program that took place in early April got the attention of the show, Hobson said. Topics covered by the show will range from specifics of the program to the mission of the Field and Fork Pantry.

The pantry is hoping its appearance will promote helping students who struggle with food insecurity on campuses across the country, Hobson said.

“Food insecurity is a serious issue that needs serious attention,” Hobson said.

At UF, the goal of the Field and Fork Pantry is to combat this insecurity, Hobson said. The pantry helps students focus on school work, extracurriculars and their personal lives rather than being distracted by hunger.

A student’s testimony will also be included in the show’s website feature, said Stephanie Muench, coordinator of care programs for the Dean of Students Office.

Part of the show will be focusing on one student whom Muench could not provide the name of.

The student’s story will show how the pantry assisted them in overcoming challenges they faced in their time at UF, Muench said.

“I don’t really know too much about how the ‘Today’ show decided on coming to UF and focusing on the pantry.” Muench said. “But I know that we’re just happy to have one of our students tell their story and their experience of using the pantry and how that has allowed them to become more academically successful.”

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