Impact Party announces executive ticket

Impact Party's executive ticket consists of Michael Murphy, 21, for Student Body president (center); Sarah Abraham, 20, for Student Body vice president (left); and Santiago Gutierrez, 20, for Student Body treasurer (right).

Impact Party’s first campaign points prioritize transportation and academics.

The new platform points advocate for dockless scooter sharing, an online request form for minor applications and affordable decal and parking spaces, said Danielle Grosse, an Impact Party campaign manager and 21-year-old UF industrial and systems engineering senior.

“Over 200 students slated with the Impact Party this semester,” she said. “These students told us their ideas of projects they would like to see implemented on campus.”

The platform points were released on the party’s Facebook page on Saturday. These points came out before Impact Party representatives will talk with students in Turlington and on the Reitz Union North Lawn this week to generate the rest of its platform.

“As we have done in past semesters, we like to roll out our platform over the course of the campaign,” Grosse said.

UF Spring elections will be held Feb. 19 and 20.

Dockless scooters are electric scooters that do not have a predetermined parking station.

While the scooters represent a cost-effective way to travel short distances, some cities, like Milwaukee and St. Paul, have issued sanctions on dockless scooter sharing programs after riders have abandoned the scooters around town or caused concern for pedestrian safety, according to The Associated Press.

Grosse said Student Government will work with campus and city partners to make this program successful.

Inspire Party presidential candidate Zachariah Chou said it was weird to see the campaign points come out so early because Impact Party hadn’t started talking with students yet.

Chou said that Inspire Party’s platform will be released later this week after last week’s conversations with students.

“I think it’s important to be able to talk to anyone because sometimes people don’t feel like they have a direct connection to their representatives,” Chou said.

Hannah Beatty is a third-year journalism major and sociology minor from Jacksonville, Florida. She began at the Alligator in the fall of 2018 as a general assignment staff writer and now serves as the student government beat reporter.