Library West will have new faculty offices, a new conference room, cafe upgrades and new furniture by June.

The library started its renovations of the first, second and third floors in March and will be finishing in about three months, said Patrick Reakes, senior associate dean of George A. Smathers Libraries.

These are the first major renovations since 2005 when the seating section facing University Avenue was added, Reakes said.

“This building has over a million people a year in it,” he said. “It just gets to the point where you have to refresh it.”

The total cost of the project has not yet been determined, but at least $15,000 has been spent so far, Reakes said. The project is being financed with standard library operating funds that are set aside for building refreshment projects.

Flooring, lighting and countertops will also be upgraded, Reakes said.

One of the goals of the renovation is to allow students to have more access to outlets for their devices, Reakes said.

“Students always are asking for more outlets, so that’s one of the main driving forces behind this renovation,” Reakes said.

Katie Foss, a 21-year-old UF biology junior, comes to Library West at least four times a week to study for exams and do homework. She is excited for the new seating in the library.

“Every time I come here I’m just walking around for at least 15 minutes trying to find somewhere to sit,” Foss said.