Santa Fe College Student Senate elected a new parliamentarian and a club senator onto its elections committee during its first Spring Senate meeting.

The former parliamentarian, Manu Osorio, graduated at the end of Fall, leaving the seat vacant.

Senator Kane Ahern ran unopposed for the position and was unanimously elected by the chamber within minutes. Last semester, the chamber struggled to fill the position.

“As you can see, the reason we’re back here is because the person’s time who was last elected was short,” Ahern said, later adding he planned to be enrolled at Santa Fe until Summer 2017.

Ahern said he ran for the position because he wanted to get more involved with Senate and Student Government. He promised to enforce Senate rules.

The chamber also voted 21-2 to elect Mala Nugent onto the elections committee in a landslide victory over her rival Greg Gorney.

“I honestly didn’t think I was going to (win),” Nugent said.

During her speech to senators on why she was running for the position, she struggled to think of what to say.

“I was very nervous,” she said.

Several senators spoke up in support of her before the chamber voted. Longtime friend and fellow senator, Cody Brittain, called her a hard worker fit for the position.

“She is so dedicated and capable of doing what she is asked to do,” Brittain said.

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