Student voices were silenced at Tuesday night’s Senate meeting.

Students expressed disgust, frustration and anger when it came to Senate rejecting to hear the nominees for the UF Supreme Court.

More than 20 students spoke and spent more than an hour urging the Senate to hear the nominations after multiple motions failed to have them put on the agenda.

More than once, students were silenced with objections to extend their time.

But in the end, despite motions from Access senators, nominations for the court weren’t heard.

Sen. Kylie Werk (Impact, District A) led the con debate against hearing nominations.

UF SG Solicitor General Nicholas Gurney spoke during the Student Body president’s report, and he reminded the student senators they need to stick to UF’s constitution.

Nicholas Carre later gave his goodbye speech. He said he was fed up with the Senate not hearing the Court nominations.

“It’s because of sickening decisions like this. The silencing of voices,” he said. “We like precedents right, so why not keep it that way?”

Student Body President-elect Susan Webster’s nominees were also heard. Webster nominated Michael Greenberg, a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. It’s the 14th time in a row a member from the fraternity has been elected for ACCENT head.


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Student Senate Resolution 2016-1022, Resolution honoring Vice President of Student Affairs retired Major Gen. David E. Kratzer for his service to UF

Nominations for agency heads, cabinet chairs, cabinet directors and executive secretaries

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