UF Student Government parties lost a day of recruiting candidates on Tuesday after UF closed ahead of Hurricane Dorian.  

SG parties go through the process of slating, or interviewing, every Fall and Spring semester to recruit new candidates.  

Stephanie Siler, the SG supervisor of elections, said she informed both Inspire Party and Gator Party in person, by phone and by email early Friday morning. She made the decision to extend qualifying until 8 p.m. last Friday after UF announced it would close Tuesday. Impact Party is not slating this semester.

“I communicated the information quickly and in multiple formats to the parties,” Siler wrote in an email. 

Gator Party posted a flyer on their Facebook page around noon Aug. 30 that read, “Today is the last day to slate. We want to keep you safe from the storm!” 

Inspire President Zachary Amrose said Siler emailed him about the cancellation almost an hour after Gator Party shared the Facebook post. 

On Friday, he proposed to SG that they host a make-up day for slating on any other day this week, but the proposal was rejected a couple hours after in his discussion with Siler. He said it’s difficult for the party to find qualified candidates with less time. 

“It just really affects students negatively,” Amrose said. “Many had to make last-minute accommodations before they went home for the hurricane.” 

Inspire decided to conduct interviews remotely because Siler didn’t allow anyone to conduct interviews in the Reitz Union this week, Amrose said. 

There is no rule in the SG handbook prohibiting remote interviews.   

Gator Party filled its slate of the most qualified candidates for Senate that UF had to offer on Friday, the party told The Alligator in an email. It is unclear who in the party responds using the Gator Party email address.

When asked in an email if the party encountered any challenges without the extra day, Gator Party responded that the party was able to obtain a full slate of candidates without the additional day of slating. 

Gator Party did not ask for an additional day. 

Amrose confirmed parties were required to submit their list of chosen candidates by 11:59 a.m. Wednesday.