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We’ve given our opinion on who you should cast your vote for in the Student Government elections (hello, it was in the opinions section and is online), but now it’s your turn to decide. Consider this a friendly reminder that whether or not you vote, SG has control of nearly $21 million that’s taken from UF students from student fees. So, maybe take five minutes out of your day to vote, so you can have some control over where that money goes. And if you have voted, congratulations, we appreciate it.

More Opinions

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In the past week, organizations, parties and groups have released statements in response to homophobic comments made in the past by the newly elected executive ticket. This letter to the editor comes from the LGBTQ+ members of Inspire Party who came together to form a response that somehow expresses the pain, fear and disappointment we and many others have experienced.

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UF can do better when it comes to preventing sexual assault on campus. There have been reports of sexual assault, and even rape, occurring on our campus this month alone. So when I read an article about how Washington state lawmakers proposed a bill to create a sexual assault task force on college campuses, I wondered why UF doesn’t have such a thing. After all, aren’t we a top eight public university?

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I’m an emotional woman. I’ll answer the question now: No, I’m not PMS-ing or hormonal. My emotions usually stem from my experiences, my normal and healthily shifting moods and my daily life. Not all women are as emotional as I am, and I think it would be fair to say I am more emotional than most of my female friends. Even so, every woman and every person on this planet has feelings. My slight surplus of feelings doesn’t influence or negate my potential, my intelligence, my professionalism or any aspect of my worth.

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Clubs and going out every weekend aren’t my thing. But I do love hanging out with my friends or going house parties because they’re situations where I can enjoy the company of the people around me. Requesting music at a house party is also easier because you know who has the aux. And as a plus, the music won’t blow out your eardrums like the huge stereos in a club will. Overall, the conversations are genuinely interesting, too. But when the night is over, all of the drinks have been drunk and the conversations have been had, it’s time for the college ritual: Everyone takes out their phone and suddenly a flurry of notifications light up the host’s phone. This is the tamest and probably the most appropriate way to make the night easy for everyone. The host gets reimbursed and everyone enjoys their time at the party.

From the rumors of Impact Party corruption to allegations of Inspire Party ineptitude, students will hear it in the presidential debate, Senate livestreams and each time campaign season comes around. When there are two parties, scandal and controversy ensue.

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Darts and Laurels

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You wake up on Tuesday having to mentally prepare yourself for the next two days. Walking through Turlington is already a hassle, but this week is unlike any other — it is Student Government election week, which means you have to perfect your “I’m definitely on the phone right now and not just pretending so you won’t talk to me” face. You’ve been planning to vote anyway, so being stopped in Turlington is not on the agenda for the day.

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, which means the day of love has come and gone just as quickly as that box of chocolates sitting on your dining room table. But today is even better because all things love-related are half off at Target. Were you eyeing that giant Reese’s heart-shaped candy but couldn’t possibly find a reason to buy it? Well, guess what? Today, it’s only $5 — an instant cop. This week was about showing everyone you love how much you care about them, with Galentine’s Day, Palentine’s Day and of course Valentine’s Day.

The sun and the heat are finally back where they belong in the Sunshine State, and it’s time to get back to business as usual — days beside the pool. You grab your towel and slide your sunglasses onto your face, making your way down to the pool. You slip into one of the reclining chairs that line the outside of the pool and begin to relax. Thoughts of midterms pushed firmly out of your head, the only thing on your mind is the shoreline that awaits you during Spring Break.

You wake up and immediately check the weather, suppressing a groan when you see it’s 38 degrees outside for the third day in a row. On the bright side, it gives you a reason to break out your Gator beanie that’s been collecting dust in the back of your closet.