Running for Student Government has always been a goal of mine. This semester, I chose to slate with Challenge Party because they did not care about my affiliations. I was never once asked what organizations I was the president of or how much money could I donate to the campaign. I did not know the party president, campaign manager or the would-be executive ticket. In all ways, I was just some random engineering student with many ideas and that was more than enough for them.

You deserve an SG that sees you as a person, not as an “I voted” sticker.

Challenge is unique. It is made up of former Impact Party and party members. We all saw that SG was not addressing the most important issue: the students. The senators and executive ticket should be a reflection of the Student Body, not counter to it.

Is Challenge perfect? No, of course not. A party is the culmination of people’s ideas, and because nobody is infallible, no party is either. But none of us are running to be perfect; we are running to be dynamic, adaptive and progressive.

I hope you will allow us to challenge the status quo and to really ensure UF lives up to its title as a top-10 institution. Vote to bring the change UF deserves. Vote for an SG that will actually advocate on behalf of the students. Vote Challenge on Feb. 20 and 21.

Michelle Thackeray is a senator candidate for Challenge Party.