Tuesday is the last day to interview to run for Student Senate. Many of you may shrug when you read this, thinking, “What does this have to do with me?”

Many of you may be disillusioned with Student Government. I understand — I’ve been there, too. I thought that making a meaningful difference in SG was impossible; I thought since I didn’t have connections with those who have historically controlled SG, my voice wouldn’t impact the decisions it made. I thought, for a time, that it was a lost cause — but it isn’t.

SG matters. It matters for the same reasons that local, state and federal governments do: Its decisions directly affect our finances, well-being and successes. Unfortunately, critical analysis and robust debate — two requirements for a strong and effective representative democracy — have been noticeably absent from SG for far too long. This manifests in SG not listening to the desires of the Student Body, falling out of touch with students' needs and continuing to make decisions that further alienate students from their representatives — situations that are painfully reminiscent of what we, as a Student Body, have experienced lately.

But nothing will change if we keep telling ourselves that change is impossible, that we need to wait for the right moment or the process of making a difference is too hard. We must stay informed and actively engage; most importantly, we must step up to bring the change that we’ve been waiting for.

We can do better but only if we face the challenge, only if people like you and I decide that we’re done waiting, only if we recognize the change we seek is within us and that we have the opportunity to make it happen — right here, right now.

Contrary to what some may want us to think, it really isn’t that hard to make a difference. If you believe in bringing positive change to SG, take action by slating with Inspire Party in the Reitz Union, Room 3315 on Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Let’s bring change to SG, together.


Ben Lima is the Inspire Party president.