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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Summer Jobs to Consider: Camp Counselor

Most college students are always in desperate need to make extra cash over the summer, but the problem with a summer job is that we still want to enjoy our break and have a little fun during our down time. Being a camp counselor may just be the answer you were searching for. 


Five fashion books for the smart and stylish

Most fashionistas buy books because they make great decorations and give the impression that they are cultured, but they never actually bother to look at the content. Here are some pieces of fashion literature and photography that are entertaining, educational and make great make great coffee table books.


Suiting up for spring

So, what’s in style for bathing suits this season? I bet you’re in shock that there’s so much that a designer can even do with a foot of fabric to create a bikini top or bottom. But oh, they can.


Fashionably late

Dashing out of bed is awful and being late is worse. All you think is: eyes, teeth, pants. But what if there was a little formula for what to wear when you’re late? Here are some ideas for the days when you only have five minutes for fashion.


Televisionistas: "Pretty Little Liars," Spencer Hastings

As entertaining as television shows can be, there’s always a little bit of a downside. The show ends, and you realize that all of the cute clothes you’ve seen aren’t going to appear in your closet. They are either way to expensive, or you simply don’t know where to look. I know it’s hard out there for a fashion junkie, but here is a way to make it easier.


Fashion rules that are meant to be broken

When we’re young, we hear that rules are there for a reason, and once we reach our rebellious stage we spend our time testing out the validity of those rules. But when it comes to fashion, an outlet for expression, why is it that so many outdated rules are still being followed? Well, as of 2013, I say we get a little rebellious and put an end to them.


The sexy men of the European catwalk

Have you ever wished that a pack of hot guys would run toward you, pick you up and take you to a castle where they’d fan you with big leafs and feed you grapes all day? Have you ever wished they did this in couture? Here are some of the few gems excavated from the endless menswear runway.

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