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Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Avenue

Florida Alligator

Local actors give new spin to classic playwright's work

Scot Davis and Shamrock McShane's rendition of David Mamet's play "American Buffalo" is not your conventional theater production.The dimming lights, heavy curtains and theatrical music are nowhere to be found.Instead, they opt to produce the play with what Davis calls "organic staging" - the stage is set up so the audience can be included in the dramatic action.The audience sits on and around the set in the intimate setting of the Civic Media Center stage, which can hold about 30 people at the most."They see it from every possible perspective," McShane said."American Buffalo" will be opening at the center, 1021 W University Ave., on Friday.

Florida Alligator

Don't overlook anti-heroes

Filming recently began on a big-screen adaptation to the wildly successful HBO sitcom "Sex and the City." And because I own all seven DVDs, watch the Season Two finale religiously after a breakup and use Samantha quotes as pickup lines, it pains me to admit this, but I think the fairy tale is over.

Florida Alligator

To make fantasies a reality, open up

My boy has a consistent bedtime routine: He brushes his teeth, sets his alarm and logs on to to check his fantasy baseball ranking and the homepage of his beloved Astros. I quickly learned I could tease him about his OCD-esque nightly redundancy, but I could never slight his Houston heroes.


'Eastern Promises' delivers promised violence

There are probably some people who would confidently accuse David Cronenberg of selling out. Since 2002's "Spider," Cronenberg has seemed to purposefully avoid working in the horror and sci-fi genres in which he made some of his best films. Others would consider it as the director "maturing," as if his previous films were infantile (go rent the classic "Videodrome" and marvel "infantile" social commentary about our sick love affair with television).

Florida Alligator

360 or PS3? You be the judge

It's a bloody war, and the air is filled with smoke and fire. Partisan fanboys catcall from the battlefield, where Microsoft and Sony haul their guns to bear. And big guns they are, my friends: Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 finally hit their long-delayed strides come autumn, as wave after wave of triple-A titles stream to our poor, budget-restricted arms. BioShock, Mass Effect and the quintessential Halo 3 face off against Haze, Lair and Heavenly Sword; the financially average student is going to need to pick a side.

Florida Alligator

Mr. Woodcock: One Joke, 90 Minutes

"Mr. Woodcock" is a textbook example of the preview showing all the funny parts of a movie. After an hour and a half, I can safely say there was only one scene not revealed in the previews worthy of a laugh. That's it. Only one. The rest of the film plods along with all the enthusiasm of a mollusk.

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