The Indie Flea will welcome new shops for its final monthly event at Depot Park on Sunday.

According to co-founder Seanissey Loughlin, the Gainesville Indie Flea will only be a quarterly event in 2018, as it will be expanding to more cities across Florida.

She added that a local business and a pop-up shop will be making their debut at the final monthly event.

Endless Summer Ice Cream Co., a local shop, is going to handcraft made-to-order ice cream using a liquid nitrogen method at the event.

Blue Salvage, an Orlando pop-up shop, will join the flea market for the first time, as well. Loughlin said that the shop is known for their vintage textiles.

“Crafters, makers and businesses from all over the state were eager to join each month in Depot Park for our fall season,” Loughlin said.

Loughlin said they were only able to take between 40 and 50 makers who applied for the monthly market. She is looking forward to inviting as many makers as possible to travel to the Indie Flea in its new venues across Florida in 2018.

UF accounting senior Traci Post, who is from Tampa, is excited to visit the final flea.

“One of my favorite parts about my hometown is the Tampa Indie Flea,” said the 21-year-old. “Visiting the Gainesville Indie Flea will make my college town feel more like home.”

Loughlin said that each market brings a new experience. These experiences are shaped by the unique venues and vendors that are showcased at each market.

Experiences like being able to see what your neighbors are making, meeting your favorite traveling crafters when they visit your hometown, seeing your friends waiting in line at a food truck or meeting up with your family to grab a beer before checking out the vendors are what Loughlin said make each market special.

One of Loughlin’s favorite experiences was seeing new vendors and new visitors discovering the market each month.

“We would have to say our staple is the sense of community you feel at our event,” Loughlin said. “No two fleas are ever really the same, but the same vibe is always there.”

The monthly showcase was held to keep creativity alive by the support of local creatives and their small businesses.

“That feeling of being part of something a little bit bigger than yourself, that’s something special,” Loughlin said. “At least that’s what keeps Indie Flea so important to us.”