Fans should expect to bring their warmest ski jackets to High Dive on Friday, where Over Easy Creative will host a concert featuring dynamic electronic music acts MZG and FRQ NCY. With the help of event planners Eclectic Electric, High Dive will be transformed into a retro ski lodge based in the ’80s for the show. The event serves as an official precursor to Fractal Beach, a Miami music festival that will take place Feb. 2 to 4.

Les Voss, one of the founders of Over Easy Creative, said the company was created due to the desire to create immersive events that are more than just a DJ or a band in a room.

“Our motto is ‘hear, see, feel’ and we aim to create atmospheres that stimulate all senses,” said Voss. “We don’t want to be a promotion company, we want to be an event curation company. Venues are our canvas and our events are the painting.”

Over Easy Creative has been making an impact on Gainesville’s electronic music scene by introducing new, innovative and up-and-coming musical acts to the area over the past few years.

Voss said the ’90s were Gainesville’s prime for electronic music and that it’s been a trek to get back to that legendary status, but by continuing to book more distinctive music acts, he hopes to get there again one day.

“I think Over Easy has carved out a special place here, and I keep going knowing that friendships and memories made by our guests could last a lifetime,” said Voss.

When picking the music acts that headline their shows, Over Easy Creative hopes their concerts reflect their own tight-knit electronic music community, which is built on devoted friendships and a love for music.

MZG, which is short for Monozygotic, are identical twin brothers based in Florida who are professional DJs and self-taught musicians and producers. Voss said the duo personally played on his birthday at The JAM, a now-closed Gainesville concert venue, two years ago.

FRQ NCY, a bass producer from Atlanta, was handpicked due to a trusted request from a former Over Easy intern, Kole Friese, who Voss said has been begging him to get FRQ NCY to Gainesville for a few months now.

“We’ve been blessed with some great bookings in the last few years, and when I party in other places, I’m always reminded just how special our community is,” said Voss.

Julia Lewis, a 21-year-old UF psychology senior, said the fact that Over Easy was hosting the concert confirmed her desire to attend the show.

“I love electronic music, and I love heavy bass the most, and Over Easy does a lot of events with those sounds,” said Lewis. “I’m usually down to go to most things they host because it’s usually good music in general and a little different.”

Lewis, who said she’s most looking forward to seeing the supporting act Mystic Grizzly, singles out Over Easy Creative for being one of the main reasons she can find a lot of unique music in Gainesville that she can’t find in many other cities.

“They bring in really interesting artists, definitely impacting the community,” said Lewis. “Gainesville’s scene has grown since I’ve been here, even though great places close like the JAM and Realm, it still keeps on keeping on.”

With great acts like MZG and FRQ NCY keeping Gainesville warm this Friday night, it’s concerts like these that broaden Gainesville’s electronic music legacy, and Over Easy Creative has been striving to do their part.

“Fans can expect a transformed High Dive, with full immersion, great vibes and great friends,” said Voss. “Two lucky people will be leaving with tickets to Fractal Beach in Miami on February 2 to 4. Let’s make some memories.”

The ’80s-themed ski lodge takeover will be Friday, Jan. 12 at High Dive from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. In addition to MZG and FRQ NCY, supporting acts include Mystic Grizzly, Frostbyte, Dropkick, Rest in Pierce, SIDE TRAKD and Holden Howard. Hard copy and online tickets are $10 at and $12 at the door.