High Dive is expanding its services to better serve downtown Gainesville’s music scene.

High Dive recently announced that it is expanding available services for its performers. The facility will now offer high-definition video and audio recording on site. This will allow artists to record live performances as well as professional tracks.

Unlike other spots in town, High Dive is a venue first, rather than a restaurant or bar. High Dive serves drinks from their “Beer Garden” bar and frequently hosts local food trucks, but the space is only open when there is a show. During the fall, however, High Dive often finds itself open and hosting every night of the week.

“I feel like we keep the live music scene running and rolling,” said Pat Lavery, High Dive facility and events manager. “Without our space, we’d have a vastly different landscape as far as live music and events go downtown.”

Now, in addition to their focus on live performance, High Dive will have recording services available to performers. This has come as a result of interest from performers and direct efforts from High Dive sound coordinator, Travis Lindsay.

“It kind of happened organically,” Lavery said. “Our goal was to offer the bands a really affordable way to record their band. Whether it’s just a really simple two-track recording or something a little more involved where it’s actually mixed down.”

High Dive aims to provide this affordable avenue for new artists to record tracks and get their music out there with a fast turnaround. This not only opens new bands up to wider audiences, but allows agents of larger bands to determine whether or not they would book them as an opening act. Additionally, larger acts are able to video live sets, capturing the excitement of the High Dive atmosphere.

“On a regular night recently, I come in and we’re setting up for the show, and I have Travis telling me, ‘Oh, all the bands want a recording tonight,’ so I’d say the response has been very good,” Lavery said.