As long as the local art community never stops creating, Gainesville’s Indie Flea Market, a favorite for students and locals alike, will always be a home to some of the best vendors in the area.

Due to Hurricane Irma, the flea market, which was originally set to be held on Sunday, Sept. 10, will be rescheduled to this Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., at The Wooly, located downtown at 20 N. Main St. The event will host around 40 vendors throughout the entire day.

Here, Gainesville residents can support local and regional artists in a cooler environment than the usual location, Depot Park, has to offer.

Seanissey Loughlin, who co-founded The Indie Flea two years ago alongside partner Rosey Williams, said the Indie Flea on Sept. 10 was the first event they were ever forced to reschedule.

“Rain or shine, that’s us, but when people’s safety and well-being is on the line, we draw the line in the sand,” Loughlin said. “Making sure our makers were able to spend time preparing for the storm, checking in with loved ones and, for many, eventually evacuating, was our main thought.”

Making safety a priority is just one example of the devotion the Gainesville Indie Flea has toward its local artists and community.

Whether coming in to buy or sell, anyone involved always has a lasting impression from the flea market.  

“We have had a lot of makers that have actually started out just as shoppers at our events,” Loughlin said. “We have even had makers who have started with us and have grown to open their own storefronts.”

Madeline Bowman, a 19-year-old University of Florida history sophomore, said that she’s been to quite a few Gainesville Indie Flea events in the past due to her love of supporting local art.

“It’s awesome getting to interact with the artist and knowing where your money is going,” Bowman said. “I love seeing communities come together to support local businesses, and I’m excited for the upcoming flea.”

Bowman said that one of her favorite vendors is O’Berry’s Succulents, a succulent and cacti dry garden vendor from Saint Petersburg. Bowman added that she’s eager to see the plants that they have to offer this coming weekend.

“I’m excited to check out what local vendors have to offer and to see the Gainesville community come together to support art and craftsmanship,” Bowman said.

Loughlin said that as Gainesville moves past Hurricane Irma, the goal for the Gainesville Indie Flea Market is to return to normality.

Saturday will be the Indie Flea’s last date in their indoor market Summer series, where the indoors of The Wooly allowed the vendors sweet relief from the summer heat. The series ran all summer long with a total of four events, with each one taking place on every second Sunday of the month starting on June 11.   

“This final flea at The Wooly should be just as much of a blast for everyone as the last few,” Loughlin said. “We will have food, drinks and a ton of really talented craftspeople.”

After Saturday, the Gainesville Indie Flea will return to its regular destination at Depot Park, every second Sunday of the month from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.