A group of fashion-forward UF students will be putting on a show Sunday night.

The Gainesville chapter of Fashion Forward is having its sixth annual fashion show at 7 p.m. in the Reitz Union Grand Ballroom. The show is inspired by the seasons.

“My favorite season is our fall season. It shows creativity within our organization, as well as a different dynamic with the modeling,” said Kamia Taylor, vice president of Gainesville Fashion Forward  and a 22-year-old UF senior.

The Gainesville branch started in 2009 when Jenell Williams came to UF as a freshman. She had previously been a member of the original Fashion Forward Inc. in Jacksonville and brought the organization to UF to fill her creativity void, said Crystal Rodriguez, who is president of the Gainesville chapter.

Rodriguez, who plays a significant role in the execution of designs for the fashion show, joined Gainesville Fashion Forward  in her freshman year as a model. She said she learned how to sew clothing from her grandmother as a preteen and started to apply her talent to Gainesville Fashion Forward at UF. She said she always finds time to help with the show.

“My favorite part is that everyone is like a family,” Rodriguez said.

[A version of this story ran on page 9 on 3/19/2015 under the headline “UF Fashion Forward to host 6th annual show”]