Now located in Fernandina Beach, flipturn was formerly based in Gainesville, where the band continues to play shows.

Gainesville’s favorite band flipturn is back with another new single.

The band’s new song “Darling” dropped last Friday, nearly three months after the release of their previous single “Eleanor.” The two songs are out in anticipation of the band’s upcoming EP, which will be released sometime in the spring.

“Darling” is a song the band has had up their sleeve for a long time, according to Dillon Basse, flipturn’s lead vocalist. Basse said they’ve been working on the song for over a year.

The new single takes listeners on a ride as it explores the depths of some heavy emotions, including insecurity and self-doubt.

“There’s this kind of mindset that we’ve always had of, like, we’re taking a risk. A lot of us dropped out of school to go pursue this career in music,” Basse said. “Lyrically the feeling came from, like, if we take this jump and we take this risk and we fail, will the loved ones in our lives still be there?”

The song paints a dream-like landscape from the beginning, starting with its soft harmony and Basse’s haunting voice asking the question, “Will you love me...when I fall, dear?”

“Darling” follows this hypnotic beginning with the sturdy combination of guitar and Basse’s powerful vocals, jolting the audience as it consistently shifts between quiet longing and pleading desperation.

This rhythmic in and out makes the listener feel as if they’ve been awoken from a dream, just as flipturn intended.

“I think we wanted to capture that feeling of being in a dream state and the falling you might feel, when you’re dreaming and waking up,” Basse said. “If we wake up from this dream, will there be somebody beside us?”

Though “Darling” begs the question of whether we can be good enough for those closest to us, even in our lowest moments, Basse said the band wants their audience to never feel like they are alone.

“I want [our fans] to always feel like they’re good enough for somebody,” Basse said. “To never feel like they won’t have anybody there, or that they won’t be good enough for somebody or something.”

While flipturn has spent the past few months touring and performing fall shows, the band is back in Florida and expects to spend the next few months in the studio. Basse said they have about four songs done, and they project the EP release will be around February.

“Darling” is available to stream on Spotify now.