One of Florida’s most ominous bands is back with a single all about freedom of expression and doing what you like.

On March 21, King Complex released their newest single “Do What You Like,” which member Cody Doss described as a song about being sexually attracted to someone and where that excitement can lead.

Member Bracher Brown added his feelings to the track, primarily written by Doss.

“It’s about expanding your comfort zone to places you wouldn’t normally go,” Brown said.

The production-heavy track starts with a simple baseline and distorted, rough vocals before transitioning into a high falsetto hook, “Go on, baby, do what you like.”

The majority of the track sounds very indie-pop and resembles projects by bands like The Gorillaz before it reaches the end. At the end of the song, things get slightly twisted and darker.

This drastic switch at the song’s conclusion encompasses the band’s unique style, which leads to its cryptic label of electronic-rock music.

Brown and Doss said the labeling comes from their diverse musical backgrounds.

“I think the place we landed musically is very cool because Brown comes from a pop background, and I come from a very weird background like Radiohead and things that have a lot more chord progressions,” Doss said. “Over time, I got more attracted to pop, and we landed in a place that combines pop sensibility with weirdness.”

Brown and Doss are working on their third EP together. Right now, they have a plan in motion for releasing a new single every month to preparation for the new release.

The duo said the move is strategic in order to create more buzz around their music and who they are as a group.

“If we did a single or two then released [an EP], a lot would be overlooked,” Doss said.

However, the members still intend to include all of the previously released tracks in their upcoming project. One aspect of the new music that excites the both of them is adding visuals to all of their songs.

“King Complex has always been as visual as its been music,” Brown said. “Creating a universe is central to most of our releases. It just gives people more time to digest the music.”

For the newest song, Doss said the piece was “essentially about finding someone you are sexually attracted to and finding out that the same excitement can lead you to places you don’t want to go.”

In relation, he explained that he created a sexually ambiguous vision for this video.

“We went on Google and found four faces of guys and girls who looked like they were having orgasms and have the images zoom in,” he said. “The idea was to make it feel as sexual as possible without having any nudity — an ambiguous thing that is obviously about sex.”

The duo said their upcoming EP will be dance-oriented, but not as bright and cheery as it seems.

Doss said the art behind the King Complex masks as a part of their projects. The masks allow him to create a character for each project. He continued the motif for this song, in which his role will invite people to have the best time that they can.

As for the future of King Complex, the group has their sights set on performing in New York City.

“We did 100 shows last year and found where our strengths lie,” Brown said. “I feel like we’re getting close to honing in on what we do musically.”