Whether you decide to shower your gal pals with sweet candies or rich chocolates, Galentine's Day is a chance for women to cherish their friends while channeling their inner “glorious female warrior,” as “Parks and Recreation” character Leslie Knope would say.

Valentine’s Day is centered around one theme: love. It’s something almost every human being craves, and it’s also something people are constantly looking for. Whether it be at a bar, in class or even swiping through the latest dating apps, everyone is looking for some sort of connection.

Love is in the air in Gainesville. Met a cutie in your class, on Tinder or out at The Swamp and want to move things forward? Here’s a suggestion: Take them on a date.

Cancer and Scorpio: If you know anything about astrology, you know this is the combination to beat. The connection between these two is almost psychic, like Raven-Symoné gazing into the future. As a double water sign combo, Cancer and Scorpio understand each other’s emotions while also filli…

Last week, Ariana Grande posted a picture of her newest body ink. The tattoo was meant to represent her new hit song, “7 rings.” Instead, the Kanji characters on Grande’s palm actually translated to “shichirin,” which means a small barbecue grill.