Leaning Trees' latest LP "Time Will Tell" is more intricate and experimental than its predecessors.

Leaning Trees, a local ambient and rock ‘n’ roll band covering genres such as Americana and art rock, challenges their listeners with their most recent album, “Time Will Tell.” The band released the album Jan. 2 and performed some of the songs for the first time at The SL8 Gallery and Venue Jan. 3.

J.M. Weeks, guitarist, band manager and songwriter, explains the goal of increasing awareness about the world both socially and politically through the songs in this 11-track album.

The fourth song, “Close Your Eyes,” is one example of the band communicating these messages. Contrary to its title, the song actually encourages people to open their eyes about social and political issues, Weeks said.

His personal favorite from the album is “Sticks and Stones” because he is most satisfied with the sound and the clarity of its message.

“In my writing, I never really want to go as far as telling people how to vote or who to vote for or anything like that,” he said. “It’s more just evaluating the environment we’re living in and thinking about the political atmosphere.”

He said there is a noticeable difference between the sound of “Time Will Tell” and the music they have produced in the past. For example, Weeks said their first LP was more of a roots and rock record including various love songs. Weeks points out a contrasting nervous and anxious sound in the new songs.

“To me, it’s colder sounding in a lot of ways,” he said.

Along with a change in subject matter and the feeling these songs express, “Time Will Tell” has a different structure than their previous work.

Andy Sullivan, slide guitarist, describes the structure as more progressive, ambient and experimental. He said they explored more tonalities with greater intricacy throughout this album.

“It’s still folk-based, but more experimental,” Sullivan said.

Michael Gross, lead guitarist, also finds more depth in their new music. He said he has a hard time choosing a favorite because of the multiple layers each song has.

“All of the songs have parts that catch me,” Gross said.

While all listeners are welcome, Weeks anticipates people who are interested in poetry and visual arts will particularly enjoy this album.

“Time Will Tell” is currently available on Amazon Music Unlimited, NoiseTrade and Bandcamp and will soon be available on Spotify and iTunes.