During the first week of spring semester, Student Recreation center is overflowing with students determined to keep their New Year's resolutions.

Every Spring semester is a fresh start for students at the University of Florida. They arrive in Gainesville rejuvenated, with glowing tans from a winter break in Miami and renewed ambitions...or giant hangovers. Regardless of their state of being, most college students enter the new year with a sense of purpose: Whether it be to boost their GPA, conquer their “gymtimidation” and bench press at Southwest or engage in endless nights of debauchery at Fat Daddy’s. Here are some of the top New Year's resolutions at the University of Florida.

  1. Commit more to school and academics.  

Gators will do just about anything to maintain our top 8 status. Students plan to spend many nights in Library West to manage their rigorous course loads. Classes at UF are no joke and require a great deal of time and effort - just ask any stem major!

  1. Improve both mental and physical health.  

College is a time for fun, but no party, class or job is worth sacrificing mental health.  Luckily, mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. Studies have shown that exercise releases endorphins and improves concentration levels, which in turn improves a person’s overall mood and ability to focus. Syllabus week always entails a swarm of students on the machines and lifting weights at both Student Rec and Southwest.

  1. Balance work and play.  

The key to living a good, healthy life in college is achieving (and maintaining) balance. Playing may not always be downing a giant slushy at Fat Daddy’s or a rum bucket at JJ’s. “Play” can be as simple as getting coffee with a friend, going to the Springs one Saturday. Every student needs to include activities separate from school in their busy schedules. In order to play at all though, a student must commit to his or her work. To find this balance: get ahead in classes, keep a desk calendar, practice time management and go to the library with friends.

  1. Explore Gainesville.  

University of Florida students are always fascinated by how much Gainesville as a city has to offer. Gainesville is a great college town because it features activities for everyone. Downtown Gainesville, especially, features hidden gems like Maude’s Coffee Shop, Arrow’s Aim Record Store, small bakeries, thrift shops and eclectic dive bars where you can sing karaoke and listen to live music. Gainesville is also full of nature preserves, lakes and hiking trails to explore like Lake Wauburg and Paynes Prairie.

  1. Become more confident and take some chances.  

College is about learning something in the lectures, but students grow most from life experiences. This year, many students want to seek out more opportunities, meet new people, talk to their crushes, apply for internships, make new friends and fall in love….even if it’s with the wrong person.