“Disenchantment” left me feeling disappointed. While Netflix is trying to appeal to the inner child in growing adolescents, it just could not reach the level of greatness that its sister animated shows, “Bojack Horseman” and “F is for Family” have gotten to.


In this effort, Netflix began creating more adult-themed cartoons. One of the newest additions to this genre is the series that puts the ‘fair’ in fairy tale: “Disenchantment.”


The fairy-tale-inspired series premiered Aug. 17. Although the plot did not strike as revolutionary, the highly regarded producer credit garnered the attention of many animation fans.


Series creator and producer, Matt Groening, made a name for himself with his hit animated series “The Simpsons” and “Futurama.” Groening decided to tackle dismantling traditional story tropes in his animated fantasy series.


The series is set in the falling kingdom of Dreamland, led by a dimwitted King Zog and his inept alcoholic daughter Princess Bean.


Since her mother’s untimely death, Bean begins to spiral out of control. Once faced with an arranged marriage, she tries to disobey her father and escape the set-up. Through a slew of events, she becomes haunted by her own personal demon, Luci, and an elf companion, Elfo. The unlikely trio go through multiple adventures together and, by the end of the season, find themselves a close trio.


The voice cast actors are comprised of Abbi Jacobson as Bean, and veteran voiceover artists John DiMaggio, Billy West and Maurice LaMarche.


Without giving spoilers, season one ended on a major cliffhanger; the kingdom is beginning to implode. But Netflix is already in discussion for season two.


While fans may be excited about all the buzz around the show, critics are confused by the reception. So far, ratings aren’t in favor of a second season. Critics find that the show relies on classic crass humor and simply offers nothing fresh. While this season may not have been a favorite among critics, others believe the show is just going through growing pains and with Groening at the helm, it can only get better.


For those who like somewhat dark and inappropriate humor, “Disenchantment” may be on your radar. If the critics’ ratings are scaring you away, stay tuned for the next season’s reactions.