Sneakers, stripes, pastels: the essentials for 2018 summer fashion

By Lindsey Brenemen

Avenue Writer

Some summer trends never truly fall out of style: bright colors, florals and hoops are dependable looks whenever it becomes impossible to walk outside without sweating.

Lace up, and give your feet a break from heels because sneakers are in this season. More specifically, dad sneakers. Fully-functional, chunky footwear — typically donned by middle-aged men —  is now appropriate for the club.

Stripes have made a comeback this season. Donate the burglar costume to Goodwill though; you need strips with flare. Skip wide black and white horizontals and choose some vertical stripes or stripes with color variation.

Take some saturation out of the colors in your wardrobe this summer and pick pastels. Pastels are in for every article of clothing.

Florals are a staple for summer and spring attire — this year is no exception! Whether the print adorns a Hawaiian shirt or a sundress, sport some flowers this season.

Guard your eyes in the Sunshine State with the smallest frames you can find. Long past are the days when sunglasses were supposed to take up half your face. Hide your hangover with mini sunglasses this summer instead.

For a final touch, earrings are the statement piece of the summer. If you want a more simplistic look, large hoops never fail. However, it’s geometric shape earrings that are really shining.