The Atlantic will call out the numerals of Queen Bey’s birthday one last time this September. 

To celebrate this birthday made famous for its introduction to the song “Get me Bodied,” Beyhive members of all ages are welcome to come and enjoy the final installment of the Bey Day celebration. The event will take place Saturday, Sept. 7, at The Atlantic located on 15 N. Main St. and will begin at 9 p.m. 

Bey Day creator and host Tyler Francischine said guests can anticipate a packed evening. The night will begin with a Be Queen Bey lip sync contest, during which a handful of attendees will sing and dance along to the Beyoncé song of their choice. The audience will crown a winner who will be the “queen of the night.” After the contest, over three hours of nonstop Beyoncé music will be played by DJ Young Turk, Francischine said.

Francischine said he started Bey Day in 2016 to bring Beyoncé fans together in an inclusive space where they could have fun.

 “Unlike a lot of DJ’d dance events where you feel like you can’t let loose because there’s a creep around every corner trying to close in on you, Bey Day is all about empowerment and freedom of expression,” Francischine said.

As her fans will know, Beyoncé’s favorite number is four - she was born on Sept. 4, her husband Jay-Z was born Dec. 4, the pair have the number tattooed on their hands in place of a wedding ring and named daughter Blue Ivy after the roman numeral of the same value.

To honor the superstars admiration for the number, Francishine said he felt he needed to make this celebration the last. 

"It just seemed like time to retire after four years,” said Francischine. “I don't think Beyoncé would approve of doing the same thing that many times in a row.”