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The Avenue is giving a voice to entertainment, literally. Today, the Avenue is launching its first ever podcast: “The Avenue: Roundup.”

Copy editor Stefano Ferreyros and Avenue editor Emma Witmer are giving listeners a weekly peek behind the curtain of local entertainment. “The Avenue: Roundup” gives Ferreyros and Witmer the chance to sit down for off-the-cuff chats with touring musicians, local celebrities and the men and women behind the scenes who provide insights into the events of the day.

The podcast will air every Thursday and will be available across all platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. Each episode of “The Avenue: Roundup” will be about 20 minutes long and feature a personal tone.

The first episode will be available Thursday by noon. Ferreyros and Witmer sat down with the Raelyn Nelson Band to talk music and touring as well as share personal stories, celebrity crushes and guilty pleasures. Raelyn Nelson, granddaughter of country music legend Willie Nelson, talked about growing up idolizing her musical family and forging her own path in the country music scene.

The dynamic between Nelson and her bandmates seems more like siblings than anything else, and the banter between them is enough to keep you giggling from start to finish.


Emma Witmer is a third year journalism student and Avenue Editor for The Independent Florida Alligator. She covers a variety of entertainment including music, theatre, art and local events.