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UF University Athletic Association pushes for greener buildings

The Heavener became the first athletic facility in the U.S. to receive a platinum level certification in 2009. Now, the new complex — the James W. “Bill” Heavener Football Training Center — is only anticipating a LEED Gold certification, assistant athletic director of facilities Bill Smith said.

Students, faculty fear UF won’t meet 2025 carbon neutrality goal

In June 2021, the UF Board of Trustees approved the $235 million Central Energy Plant Project to build a combined heat and power energy facility on campus. Set to begin construction this year, it will be the university’s largest energy provider, relieving UF of purchasing 750,000 pounds of steam from Duke Energy every year.

Are Gainesville’s 2040 waste diversion goals attainable?

With the startling amount of waste becoming more than just an eye sore, three cities in the state have made it a goal to reduce their amount of waste. Gainesville joins Key West and Orlando in the fight to reduce waste and resulting greenhouse gases.