• January 27, 2015
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First college spring break: Freshman plans

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Posted: Monday, February 25, 2013 5:00 am | Updated: 11:00 pm, Tue Feb 26, 2013.

It comes around every year just when you think you’re about to lose your mind during the spring: spring break.

My high school’s spring break was always the last week of March so there were about 11 weeks of school to get through with no reprieve, barring two three-day weekends. By the time spring break finally rolled around everyone was tired and suffering from that pastiness that comes from it being winter, regardless of the fact that we live in the Sunshine State. The week before vacation, visions of sandy beaches, sunshine and sleeping in danced in my head and I couldn’t wait for that break which signaled the official countdown to the end of the school year.

Spring break has a special meaning to college students. If you mention to anyone, chances are there are some great trips or plans that students are eagerly waiting for. I talked to a hall mate of mine, Lauren Kullman, a biology freshman. Kullman is planning a trip to Panama City Beach with some of her sorority sisters.

“I have never been to Panama City Beach. I am so excited!” said Kullman. “We’re going there because it’s a big spring break spot. I know a lot of people who are going and a lot of fraternities are getting houses there for break. “

Kullman’s plans involve typical spring break activities.

“I’m going to tan, swim, eat and shop,” said Kullman. “This is my first spring break away from my parents and with my friends. It’s cool as heck. You always hear those crazy spring break stories and I want those kinds of stories.”

Not every freshman’s plans centered on the spring break capital of the world. Jaclyn Biedronski Lopez de Lara, an international studies freshman, had family visiting from another country.

“My cousin, his wife and their baby are visiting from Zacatecas, Mexico,” said Biedronski Lopez de Lara. “We only get to see them maybe once a year. My cousin will be competing in a racquetball tournament for a few days. After that we will probably go to Disney World, go shopping and go to St. Pete or Clearwater beach. “

Biedronski Lopez de Lara is excited to spend some time with her family.

“I haven’t seen the baby since he was born. I’m looking forward to seeing them again,” said Biedronski Lopez de Lara.

Other freshman plans also included visiting family. Karen Lara, an accounting freshman from New Jersey, is visiting family in Sunrise, Fla.

“Flying home for a week would be too much of a tease,” said Lara. “So I’m staying with my cousin and his family. I will be playing with babysitting his kids. I’m also going to go the park and the beach.”

I talked to Lara about not going home to her family New Jersey.

“This will be the first time I won’t be in New Jersey for spring break. But it will also be the first time I will spend more than a few days at my cousin’s house,” said Lara.

Regardless of the distance between her and her family, Lara seemed excited to see her family here in Florida.

Spring break can take on an entirely new significance in college. In high school it was a chance to escape studies and lay on the beach with friends, day in and day out. Spring break seems to become much more important in college. There is newfound sense of freedom and many students plan exciting trips.

Whatever their plans, many freshman are excited for break to come around.

Now all we have to do is get through midterms.

Welcome to the discussion.

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