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anka doris

I have never seen such a purity and peacefulness in people like this Group from the Westboro Baptist Church.
Yes, they are radical in there statements and Yes they are right.
If we think our intellect will save us from Gods judgment, we are so mistaken.
If we think toleranze will save us from Gods judgment, we are so mistaken.
If we think to make fun about people who speak out loud the true gospel in pure form, than we already put Gods judgment on us.
Gainesville wake up, repent and hear God's voice clearly.
Sending messenger of the true Gospel to Gainesville should bring us on our knees and crying out : "Save us Lord, one more time!"


We need more Christians who are willing to stand up for the truth!


Christians are standing up for the truth!
Where are the Christians of the 300 churches in Gainesville?
A lot of people say they are Christians but they do not believe what the bible says and twist the gospel so long that it fits their wicked lifestyle!
They compromise and water down the gospel.
If everybody comes anyway to heaven, then Jesus would not have to die for our sins.
Its great that there are Christians who are clear with the gospel.
Homosexuality leads to hell!!


So let's see if I get this right. You folks are proud anti-Semites? Moreover, that represents your idea of "truth?" Now if you had a gay son or daughter, you would still support the behavior of the Phelps Family Cult?

Before you say that it cannot happen to you, Dick Cheney has a gay daughter. Newt Gingrich has a gay sister. And let's not even talk about Ted Haggard. BTW, Governor Crist is most certainly gay.

I am a huge fan of the 1st Amendment. I support Fred's right to express his hatred - no matter how hyperbolic and pointless it is. Nevertheless, it scares the hell out of me that he can get others to abandon any notion of critical thinking and intellectual curiosity.

Oh, by the way do any of you wear forbidden clothes of multiple fibers? Do you support the idea that a disobedient child should be killed? How about slavery? How about murdering a daughter who is not a virgin when she marries? Those are all "biblical truths."

Selective observation is what passes for erudition these days. For that, we are doomed.


Any decent person wouldn't look forward to spending hours, no less an eternity, with the depraved lunatics in cults like WBC or Dove.

Dedicating your life to celebrating racism, homophobia, suffering,
and death isn't something to be proud of.


You guys are missing the whole point. The purpose of this group is not to do anything but insite hate and anger and provoke acts of agression towards members of their family. Most of Westboro members are actually family members from what I understand and have read. They really could care less about gays, fags or whatever degrogatory or inflamitory terms they use. Basically they male a loving off of legal civil suites against those sucked into their hate spiderweb. Beat to just ignore them completely and pray for them.

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