Editor's note: The first ~21 seconds of the camera feeds from the car do not have audio. The rest of the video does.

UPD Officer Keith Smith, who came under scrutiny last year in the shooting of a student, was fired Thursday due to his conduct on the job.

The conduct evaluation was prompted by Smith's handling of a traffic stop on July 23, when he threatened to shoot a 20-year-old man whom he pulled over on a charge of reckless driving.

Smith pursued the man because he was driving 79 mph on West University Avenue in a 35-mph zone, according to a police report Smith filed.

The driver was reportedly throwing various items, including bottles, out of the top of his Mercedes convertible.

While pursuing the car, Smith drove "at an unsafe speed and in an unsafe manner," according to an Aug. 26 letter issued by Chief Linda Stump.

Dashboard video of the traffic stop showed Smith pursuing the Mercedes, which slowed to a near stop. Smith pulled up behind the car, which rolled slowly forward.

Smith ran toward the car and told the man to stop. Smith yelled at him, threatening to shoot him. He used several expletives during the incident.

The driver turned off the car and told Smith he had done so. Smith then pulled him from the Mercedes and made him lean over the back of the car, handcuffing him.

The driver and passenger in the car were not UF students, said Janine Sikes, UF spokeswoman.

Smith was placed on administrative leave with pay, pending review of his conduct during the stop, according to an Aug. 25 letter from Stump.

He received a notice of intent to "discontinue/non-renew" his appointment at UPD on Aug. 26 - a decision that would mean his termination.

Stump wrote that the termination came because she had "lost confidence" in Smith's judgment and ability to perform his duties as a UPD officer. She cited the July 23 traffic stop as an example of such conduct.

She made the final decision to fire Smith on Sept. 1. Smith can no longer work for UF in any capacity.

Smith will be given a one-time severance pay equal to three months' salary in accordance with UF regulations.

During Smith's time at UPD, he was at the center of a controversy over the March 2010 shooting of UF graduate student Kofi Adu-Brempong, who was dealing with mental health problems.

Adu-Brempong threatened UPD officers with a metal rod at his apartment in Corry Village, a UF graduate housing complex. Smith shot him in the face during the encounter.

Adu-Brempong, who was disabled due to a childhood bout with polio, was injured but survived.

An investigation ensued, after which Smith was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Smith was involved in another controversy in 2008 when Gainesville police officers threw eggs at suspected prostitutes and drug dealers in the Porter's neighborhood. Smith was reprimanded for that incident.

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Yet, if he shot the student he would have been still employed by UPD just like the officers that tasered a handcuffed student or the officers that shot a black PhD student in the face for no reason.


The question is why was this guy hired in the first place? He is a blatant racist that couldn't even get hired by GPD.

The answer is that the leadership at UPD is controlled by the Good Old Boy club and none of them are qualified to hold the positions they have hence why they work for UPD instead of a real police force.


That's funny... Darren Baxley (the one recently promoted from Captain to Deputy Chief) threatened to kill a lawyer and ONLY got a written reprimand - if that.

He also violated policy by driving over 100 mph. in an unmarked vehicle to the scene of Kofi Adu-brempong's residence AFTER Kofi was shot, which wouldn't have mattered then. It's on the police car video, so why didn't Stump parade that video on the media outlets? Had he shown up 90 min. earlier when he heard the call go out about Kofi - someone he knew well from being on the BCT team - he wouldn't have had to drive at such unsafe speeds - ON campus no less.

What happens to Baxley? Oh, he gets promoted. Seems like discipline is only handed down to whoever Stump wants to - if she wants to!

Makes me wonder if maybe those people Stump gets rid of just know too much...


Stump needs to be removed. She throws Ettel under a bus and lets Smith stay on and now this? Her judgment of character is piss poor. I guess you can shoot a black man and get away with it but if you threaten to shoot a white man... well that's just crossing the line. Remember, Stump stood by Smith through the egg throwing and the shooting. She stood up for him when other officers said he had to go. I think it's time for Stump to go.

And since when did they start firing UFPD officers for threatening to shoot people. Streukens grabbed a gun when he threatened to shoot someone and he barely got a talking too. Stump is trying to cover her poor judgment again.

She fired officer Richards, Ettel and now Smith. What I see is a pattern of poor leadership.


93GatorGrad: wasn't Baxley suppose to be the commanding officer on duty too but he just wouldn't answer his phone?


Show his face. Every article, every bit of coverage, and none ever include a photo, identifying to the campus and to the community the person they sadly entrusted with a gun and a badge.

Good riddance. But why for this rather than earlier? That sends a sad message: threaten a white student in a Mercedes, get fired. Shoot an African graduate student/beloved teacher in the face, go on paid leave and keep your job.

Still no justice for Kofi.


jtizzi - not only did Baxley answer his phone, he made an additional call to Lt. Ettel to say how good things were going because Lt. Ettel calmed the situation down, AND Baxley then called Barber (the other guy on the BCT team and the one who showed up to Kofi's apartment the day before, but did nothing) to tell him that he would be monitoring the situation on the radio that was so loud it could be heard from an adjacent room.

All this could be found on the transcripts that UF has on the web site about the incident - just read them! UF has gotten away with not telling the whole TRUTH because they know people won't read things for themselves.



Oh I read them. I guess you and I are some of the few people that did (the alligator and sun clearly missed something). From the start I thought that it was going to be Baxley getting the axe but out of where it was Ettel. I was confused until I learned how much Stump &co. hated Ettel for this involvement in the Officer Richard's incident and how close he became with UAA. Ettel was thrown under the bus, Baxley got promoted and Stump kept her job. Although, word has it she's moving on after this year.


Lt. Ettle had nothing - I mean ZERO - to do with Richards case. At one point, people thought it was Lt. Ettel that they were trying to investigate because the department knew how much administration hated Lt. Ettel and would have done anything to fire him then (before he shooting). This had been going on for quite some time.

The Sun didn't miss anything. It's just that they are in bed with someone at UF or UFPD and they are trying to hide the truth. But, they know the truth.

As for the the UAA relationship, that was definitely a huge jealousy issue for them. Same as it was for Joseph's brothers in the Book of Genesis and why they tried to kill him too. This too took some time for the Truth to come out, but the Truth always comes out.


Baxley will never get the ax... he knows to much corrupt stuff. He'd turn on them if they turned on him!


93GatorGrad, ax, are you kidding? He is the next chief! Just give it 8 months or so.

Wasted money.....

Stump $183,000 Baxley $121,000

Stump received a $20,000 raise and Baxley received a $40,000 raise a few months ago. Isn't the university cutting budgets?

Heck, they needed to fire Keith Smith just to cover there raises.


Yeah, Just ask Baxley who wrote his college papers so that he could get his degree. His wife confessed she couldn't wait for him to finish college so that she didn't have to write his papers. That is a violation of "Academic Integrity," and that my friends, will be your new chief. My prayers and condolences to you all.

Just remember, Rome fell apart from the inside first.


I hear there is so much more to this story than has been covered. This was known by UPD more than a month ago and at first covered up.

Keith Smith has(had thankfully) a new commanding officer. A guy named Pruit who was just promted to commander. This guy knew about Smith's outragous behavior and kept it quite! He gave Smith a repremand under the table. It would still be hidden today and Smith still working today unless a few brave officers went forward and requested the video and threaten to make this video public. Then all of the sudden Stump fearing her secret, one of many, would get out, she fires Smith in a day, with NO investigation. There was no investigation because Pruit had already done one and decided a repremand was enough. Now do you really believe a brand newly promoted commander would handle such a bad officer on his own? Really? Of course Stump knew!

Oh, and about this newly promoted commander. UPD has a promotion board. My friend said she heard that everyone on this board picked some other guy. Even Baxley picked this guy, but Stump picked her little pet who is a personal friend and would say, oh I don't know, cover up a disgusting officer actions when told to!

There is so much more to this story. What happened to investigative reporting? Are all the reporters affaid of losing there season gator skybox tickets?


msmith - you have part of the story right...

What you have right:
(1) There is a growing problem of infighting at UPD and UF. This is a terrible sign and symptom of a police department and college that is lacking in quality leadership. It will only get worse from here on out. Ask and look around to see how many people are leaving UF... surgeons (not just the transplant team!), V.P.'s, Deans, and there are many more "higher ups" that are looking for jobs elsewhere. UF is falling in every ranking, president satisfaction ratings, football ticket sales, etc. It's just a matter of time before it all implodes.
(2) Stump promotes those that she can manipulate like marianette dolls (don't confuse this with friendship - she doesn't understand friendships... she only uses people for personal gain). She used Lt. Ettel as an example to instill fear in her officers, which she learned from Machen: do what is right and speak up, and you will get non-renewed (a.k.a. fired). Once you lie for her, there is no getting out of her dysfunctional web. You make a choice to lie or lose your job. Sounds like an exciting place to work huh?
(3) And last, there is no such thing as "investigative reporting" in this town. If you report anything against UF, you will commit career suicide. Bernie Machen uses his influencial power to manipulate the Gainesville Sun and the Alligator. It's how he got away with firing Lt. Ettel. He isn't called the Wizard of UF for no reason. Without UF, is there anything else to report on in this town?

Just for kicks... Contact Nathan Crabbe... ask him why he hasn't reported the attempted suicide at Corry Village, where the officers used a battering ram to knock down the door and Baker Act the victim. He won't because UPD doesn't know how to handle this investigation because it is eerily similar to Kofi's incident. If Stump doesn't find policy violations on THAT team, then she clears Lt. Ettel. If she finds something wrong, she can't fire the guy in charge because he is not under contract, which then makes it unfair that she fired Lt. Ettel. So, UPD is busy trying to figure out a way to make this report sound different... better... Oh, basically they are just trying to figure out how to lie and get away with it. That's why Nathan Crabbe hasn't reported anything.

Isn't great to be a gator...



You definately seem to know more than my friend. She hasn't heard of this other Corry village thing. Are you saying that UPD broke into another person's appartment at Corry?

Are you kidding me?!?!

If this actually happened, how is that not big news?


Why was this idiot hired on at UPD in the first place? He was turned down several times by GPD. Why was he able to keep his job after shooting an unarmed black PhD student but lose his job after yelling at a rich white student? I can tell you exactly why. Linda Stump is completely inept and unqualified for the position she holds and UPD is controlled by racist Good Old Boys that aren't qualified to hold a police flashlight let alone be a law enforcement officer.


genius - you have several things wrong...
Stump never wanted to keep Keith... she never covered for him for the egg incident and she had plenty of opportunity (he was guilty for passing out drunk and hanging out with drunk friends, and he never did it again)... she never verbally supported him with this shooting… and she would have fired him then had she had a legal cause to. He was cleared as they ALL were cleared through FDLE and the State Attorney’s office. If you think both those agencies would cover an illegal shoot, you are crazy.

But, what you fail to realize (as many of you have) is that this was a justified shooting... The real cover up is that UF failed in the mental health department. None of this would have happened had they acted sooner as Peter Waylens begged them to. All the failure listed in the Margolis & Healy report is found to be with the mental health & counseling department. These were retired cops that didn’t find the cops at fault. Don’t you think UF would have paid them ANY amount to find fault with the five officers.

As hard as that is to fathom, UF failed Kofi. He should have never been on campus as long as they knew how bad off he was. There are emails that show he was struggling and irrational for over a year. He should have been in a hospital setting (and his family knew this) yet he was teaching classes!

There really isn’t a “Good Old Boys” system keeping anything together. It really has to deal with corruption and it starts with Machen, Poppell, Stump, Baxley, Barber, etc. Stay at the top… see who makes the most money… add some more money from the bonus fund they get in December from UAA… the rest of the cops are as frustrated as the rest of us (except the few that play Baxley’s and Stumps little games).


93GatorGrad let me ask you a few questions please.

I am curious what you know about another incident involving Baxley and Stump, and that is about Scott Richard.

When I first heard about this guy I was at a student group meeting on campus and we were told that he raped some girl on campus and then used his position at the police to cover it up. Then a little while ago I had a friend get hired at UPD and she told me that was not true and the truth was even wilder than the story we were told.

She said the girl is actually the girlfriend of some motorcycle cop named Miles. She said they have been dating for 10 years. Apparently this is common knowledge around the UPD and Baxley tried to cover this information up because he lead the investigation into Richard and was afraid of being embarrassed.

Is this girl dating this Miles guy?
Did a UPD officer rape another UPD officer's girlfriend?
Did Baxley know this?
Did Stump know this?

I was a freshman when I first heard of all this stuff and I thought, how on earth can UPD keep this rapist working on campus, why don't they fire him immediately?

Then I heard all charges were dropped against Richard because another police department at the state attorney office said the girl was a liar. I guess they had video or gps or something that proved she had lied about what she said.

Well, if she lied, does that mean Richard lost his job for nothing?

Did Baxley and Stump ruin this guy to cover there mistakes?

As much as I hated this guy, it occurred to me that I hated him based on information that was given to us by UPD. Other police departments cleared Richard, right?

My friend says everyone at UPD knows about these lies and they are told to keep quite or they will be fired like Ettel.

Wasn't Ettel fired because they broke into Kofi's apartment? If so, is someone getting fired for this recent break in to a apartment by UPD in Corry? I still haven't seen anything about this other break in.

Thanks for the info.


msmith -

I'll answer your questions in order of how much I know of the situation from more to less...
First, Ettel was fired because UPD and UF admin. manipulated policy to place Lt. Ettel under a policy that he never thought he was under, and found violations there. If Lt. Ettel never thought about being under that policy, how can they hang him for that? Also, it only worked because Baxley lied in the internal about how much he was aware of the situation. Barber also covered up by saying he "doesn't recall" important information from an incident of being called out the day before to Kofi's apartment. Stump also said more lies about how they use and don't use the CIRT team, which found more violations for LT. Ettel. Ultimately, Lt. Ettel was "Non-renewed" because UF failed Kofi in the mental health and counseling department, and they needed a scapegoat to put the blame on... the community wanted and asked for a cop to pay, so UF got away with it. The Truth will eventually come out on all of these.

No, I don't think anyone is going to get fired for the recent incident at Corry Village because they did exactly what they were supposed to when trying to help someone. They went in to save a person's life - NOTHING different than what Lt. Ettel did. HOWEVER, if Baxley and Stump can place blame on someone to cover their own butts, then disregard what I said about no one being fired.

On a side note, this latest incident reminds me that God has a sense of humor because I can just imagine how the "right" people at UF and UPD saw this and just hung their heads low and said, "not this... not now... not at Corry Village." And God just chuckled because they messed with His kids! I'm still kind of smiling at the humor.

I know very little about the Lt. Richards' case... I do know (once again) that Baxley messed things. I don't know why he messed things up, but it could be due to his incompetenc e and not a cover up perse. I know UPD messed things up so bad after the first murder (stabbing) at another married housing complex at UF that the murderer walked off a free man (about 10 years ago?).

Going back to Lt. Richards... I do know that there are three sides to the story: his side, her side, and the truth. I think UPD dropped the ball here again... You can't "non-renew" someone until you know all the facts. It does look terrible for UPD when they get rid of someone based on what someone else said... the charges are completely dropped... and they just ruined this guys life and career.

Again, there is so much incompetence in the higher ups at UPD that it would make you question WHY they get paid so much money and do nothing (and don't ask about their experience - there are officers at UPD that have more experience than all those clowns - higerups - put together). It will make you sick.

I'd tell you to make record requests if you want to know more, since they are supposed to be public record, but UF will mysteriously send you the wrong things... take too long... won't be able to find the "right" paper work... it will be manipulated... or it will not be found (deleted).


I'm glad some of the truth has finally come out! Ettel should have never been fired. He was such an asset to the University and community.


mssmith. If your friend really works for UPD, she should have figured out by now that all the officers know of anything is rumor, normally started amongst themselves. Admin gives the officers NO information about any of these situations discussed. As a matter of fact, Admin openly states they "don't care what the officers think, its none of their business". In truth, your friend knows no more than you do, for fact.
Using rumors and Gainesville Sun articles is not the most reliable source of information.

Richard's sexual battery case remains pending by FDLE and the SAO. The sole individuals who know what is happening and did happen with both cases against him, are those involved. Baxley and the Cheif even here, only have a fraction of the information. FDLE determined his guilt, not UPD.



Listen, I didn't mean to defend Richard. I have attended a number of SDS meetings where his outrageous behavior was brought up. We have requested many public records from UPD over the tazer incident and the shooting and there appears to be some of the same issues over and over again. The leadership is horrible and I think taking anything those people say is a mistake.

As for these rumors, I grant you they are sometimes wrong or overblown, but most of the time they prove to be correct. Frequently today's rumor is tomorrow's fact.

And did you read my post? I was asking questions of someone (93GatorGrad) who appears to have a lot more information than I do. So excuse me for asking questions and trying to learn the truth about the things going on at my university. I was so excited when I got accepted and during my first year UPD starts tazing students who are trying to speak. I am concerned about my rights on campus. My professors are teaching me to ask questions, sorry. I guess I should just get in step? Wait, I seem to remember learning something in history about that.


mssmith- The only reason I posted was over (what I interpreted as) you defending him. There is alot more to those cases than you know, and I am sure far more than your friend knows. I understand you were just asking for info, and I apologize for jumping to a conclusion when that may not be where you stand. Keep in mind, the only parties who spoke about this within UPD, about their "information", were friends of Richard. Nobody actually involved in the cases- complainant, victim, witnesses sworn and not sworn, investigators and attorneys- are not allowed to say a word. So any and all information disseminated about Richard within UPD was only from his parties.

SDS's presentation was I am sure sensationalized. But I assure you, far more factual than those of Richard's friends' stories, which come straight from the horse himself.

Nothing wrong with asking questions- but when it is truly something that no one at UPD was even trusted with all (or even half) of the information..and because it is an open case thus of course there are no documents to be released, it is best to let FDLE do what they do best.

Ettel was in support of the case against Richard. Its truly an insult to Ettel to throw Richard in his category. Ettel didn't do anything wrong.


Ms. Smith,
If this girl is dating someone that works at UPD are you saying its ok for someone to rape her. I guess all the single women out there are fair game for some P.O.S. like Richard. SAD SAD. Who cares, what does that have to do with Richard being guilty or innocent.

If She lied , The guy would not have been arrested. My uncle is a detective in Tampa. NO ONE is arrested on a person's statement alone. There must be facts. solid facts. things that can be brought out. There must have been something there for FDLE to get involved in the first place. I asked about them(FDLE) basically, they are the police to the police. My uncle said , if there is nothing , they are gone quick. They dont waste their time with small fish. That was a quote. No Richard did something.. But UF in their grand scheme forgot to tell anyone that he was even under investigation. I agree with Unethical, UF admin is just incompetent. FDLE came in so it would not get messed up. Question is... how long was it going on before the police(FDLE) got involved. Why doesn't anyone care about the girl. What if she was raped by that guy. or any other girl that may or may not have a boyfriend. Ms. Smith , Please tell us why it's ok for a girl that has a boyfriend to be raped. PLEASE????
Ms. Smith, It sure seemed you were defending Richard. I'm sure the information you got from your "friend" is diluted. My understanding is that no cop is allowed to talk about an open investigation. Maybe your friend should leave UPD too. Since she is talking about supposed facts...


Now I remember why I have never posted on these boards. It is pointless. One for the road-


That has to be one of the dumbest things I've read in a long time. My point in asking question was to hopefully learn more about the incident. I'm a student on campus, and I DON"T WANT TO BE RAPED EITHER!!

But, a terrible injustice has occurred. Either a rape victim is not receiving the justice she deserves (probably because of Baxley's incompetence), or a completely innocent officer has lost his career (also because of Baxley's incompetence and/or malice). The fact is, he either raped her or he didn't and we don't know. And for your information UPD "handled" the case for a couple of days before calling FDLE. As a matter of fact a guy named Dobbs was initially assigned to work the case. Oh, if the name sounds familiar, Dobbs was yet another officer promoted by Stump who got fired or rather told to quit. What happened that he had to quit? He was found to being LYING for the third time in an official capacity. Maybe, just maybe he lied one other time, oh say when he was working on Richard's case that first few days. Oh, and one more little bit of information, UPD knew Dobbs and the victim were personal friends. Where's the ethics and/or professionalism in that?

But back to why I asked the question about this girl dating Miles, I think that may have made it more likely Richard is guilty. I imagine that if she was hanging around UPD people the opportunity made have presented itself for Richard to victimize the girl. I would like to know more, but as you, jwex and unethical, pointed out, the investigation is open so no one can see it. How convenient. I wonder, will it ever be closed? Or will Baxley and Stump hide behind this until they retire?

As for the comment about no charges being filed just on her word, are you stupid? Did you not read the facts of the stalking case? THE ONLY "EVIDENCE" WAS HER WORD. Then Richard's attorney did the investigation the police should have and disproved 2 or the 3 allegations as provable lies!!! So yes, they would arrest a guy on just a victim's word without any corroborating evidence. THEY DID IT!!!

How is it that Stump gets away with such incompetence? She:
Promoted Avery to sergeant – he gets arrested for beating some guy up,
Promoted Tincher to sergeant – she gets fired for coming to work intoxicated,
Promoted Ettel to lieutenant – he gets fired for following known practice (said to violate policy)
Promoted Dobbs to sergeant – quits/fired because he keeps lying at work,
Promoted Richard to lieutenant – fires him because he might have raped someone,
Keeps Smith after the egg throwning - well we all know how that worked out,
And these are just the things they haven't been able to hide. Imagine what else is there?!?

When will this end? At what point will the university realize who they need to fire? Oh yeah, I forgot, they just gave her a $20,000 raise and made her a vice president, well at least she will be a little further from the police department, oh wait, then Baxley will be chief. That will probably be worse, at least Stump isn’t dumb.


WOOOaaaa... msmith... you know a lot of crap!! And NO, posting here is not pointless - hang in there - you must speak your truth even if your voice rattles.

I for one, didn't really hear in your words that you were taking sides. What I did feel was that you were trying to get to the bottom of so many questions - just like so many of us are.

I was under the impression - like you - that they did arrest Richards based on her word. He could have said they had consensual sex, but it wasn't rape, which would make it a "he-said-she-said" problem, and they still had to arrest (?). I was under the impression that charges were dropped, which makes it crazy that he lost his career IF she was lying (but maybe I was wrong). And yes, all your questions are valid about the situation, and I think they are causing more internal turmoil at UPD (at the top), which is good.

Look, don't give up posting or reading because this is what they want everyone to do. They want us to walk away and give up the fight. You want answers, I want answers, and we all need to get to the bottom of this. What you are feeling is that this is a corrupt organization, but don't stop with Baxley and Stump. No, keep going to Poppell and Machen. Don't stop until you get the answers you came for.

Remember this... CORRUPT organizations have signs and symptoms...
(1) Lack of transparency.
You always leave with more questions than answers. They beat around the bush... they delay... they hide... they manipulate whatever they can!
(2) They have a lot of secrets.
They don't want the talk to get out (or you'll get fired or shunned). The media only gets part of the story right - the only part the organization wants others to see. You know the feeling when you feel like you are on the Truman show (movie 1998).
(3) Someone(s) who controls all the little people...
which makes the people within the organization very tense - not a relaxed atmosphere.
(4) this in turn causes a lot of infighting:
horizontal and vertical... people within the organization then take on roles of being the "good" or "bad" worker. The "bad" finally start to fight back (finally =), and the "good" think that they will get promoted or be given special favors by buying into the web of lies (they drank the juice man). Once they give in, they have sold their soul to the devil.
(5) COMMUNICATION (love this one)
non-existant between the ranks from top to bottom. The top only communicates with the top and the bottom feels left out - that is until the top wants to butterup those at the bottom, which they've never done before (like the abusive husband that apologizes then says he will never beat you again, but then does it again... that's a classic!)
(6) those at the top are in this for personal gain.
None of their actions benefit the organization. Me, me, me mentality, and this is why it starts to fall apart. I guess you could call them very narcissistic.
(7) the little people start to feel crazy and/or paranoid.
They start to question what is true or not... who is good or bad... who can be trusted or not... It is CRAZY making. It's like you are playing the game, but the rules keep changing or you never even know the rules.
(8) then, the little people don't want to play anymore... they want to throw in the towel and quit... they don't know how to change the situation... it breeds hopelessness.
(9) OH... and, there is ALWAYS a SCAPEGOAT!
The one(s) sent away with all the sins of the department thinking they will be absolved of all their sins and guilt. No need to say more.

I kind of made these up as I went along... I just took the feelings I had from growing up in a dysfunctional and abusive home and compared it to the situations at UPD.

The only remedy is to fight back, but one cannot fight alone. Power comes in numbers, and this is what they are afraid of. But, as soon as ALL the people take the power back, the bully is rendered helpless, the Witch(es) starts screaming, "I'm melting," and the little people can go back to Kansas - I hope.

One last thing msmith... Please leave Lt. Ettel out of that list (actually, Tincher doesn't even deserve to be considered with those people either). He doesn't deserve to be put in that category. He and Tincher have no malicious or evil bones in their bodies.


its painfully obvious that mssmith &/or gatorgrad either work at upd/have worked at upd. so why don't you just tell us what is really going on in that crazy place????


mssmith: Your idea of "facts" represent, at most, a conglomeration of an affidavit from FDLE, a statement, and one Gainesville Sun article. FDLE is not required to disclose evidence, and certainly not in cases like this. No one but FDLE and the SAO has knowledge of evidence in these cases, period. Perhaps your "friend" needs to back to the police academy to learn some basics. Also, I am sure you must be aware that any defense attorney is paid by their client, the defendant. Defense attorneys are not bound by the truth, and it is their JOB to find "reasonable doubt" within the charges against their client. Perhaps you should look into Gloria Fletcher a bit, before taking her word or her "investigation" to be fact. Richard himself was NEVER ALIBIED for any part of the stalking case, and it took 1.5 years for the defendant and his attorney to come up with an alibi for...his car, not even him. And, as I mentioned earlier, the sexual battery case against him remains pending.


Dobbs merely was the IA guy at UPD when the Richard case kicked off, that was it.


Also, I suppose you were not informed that Richard has a history of abusing women. THAT is well known at UPD, before this case even began. Get more complete facts, and better sources, before you spread more rumors that are nothing more than lies.


I don't work there nor have I ever worked at UPD... But, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express!

And, Dobbs was an IA guy and "friends" with the other clowns! Some old Proverb (not Biblical) says, "Tell me who you're with, and I'll tell you who you are." That about sums it up. He's the only unfortunate one to have gotten caught - so far! Thanks to some honest-good-cops who chose not to look the other way.


oh, bmod76... pull up a chair, grab a beer and some popcorn and join me while I read this and try to put all the pieces of chaos together (I've actually learned somethings).

If I knew what was going on in that crazy place, you would have known it by now. I'm just sitting back and letting them put on the show while I watch that place implode on it's own. It's going to be good though... the bigger they are the harder they fall. And that my friends IS Biblical: Proverbs 16:5 "The Lord despises pride; be assured that the proud will be punished. And last, Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.


unethicalflorida1... I'm one that thinks Casey Anthony knew something about her daughter and may have been the one that killed her, but they were never able to prove that, so I believe the jury did exactly what they were supposed to do. They acquitted her (however hard that may be for some of us to stomach) because there wasn't any physical evidence to convict her. I wouldn't want someone to convict me based on what they believed they thought could happen.

It's not so similar (now that I think about it), but you can't convict someone of RAPE just because he had a prior history of abusing women. And, when you say abusing, is this physical abuse and/or sexual abuse and/or verbal abuse. Not that one is worse than the other or better, and there is still the issue of power and control, but rape is rape, and in my opinion a character pattern too, and a strong thing to accuse someone with.

Here's another one... the DSK (?) guy in New York that supposedly raped the maid... she supposedly lied about why she left her native country for being gang raped (?). Does this mean she's lying now, and that the guy didn't really rape her? He gets away with it because we judge her for something in her past? Doesn't physical evidence say otherwise?

Back to saying someone was guilty of something just because you thought it looked good enough to convict... Wasn't Keith Smith called a RACIST because he PASSED out drunk with DRUNK cop friends who decided to throw eggs? How is passing out drunk being a racist? How is passing out drunk mean that you are racist because your friends are throwing eggs in a questionable neighborhood? He was guilty of drinking too much (how many of us haven't done that?)... He was guilty of hanging out with questionable characters (how many of us haven't done that?) But, NONE of what he did makes him a racist... or an egg thrower! Yet, as a community, that is what we convicted him of.

One more... Lt. Ettel... didn't the community jump on him and the five officers for being racist? Prof. Nunn... Jack Donovan... Cynthia Chestnut... the TV20 press release saying, "we've got our boy," etc. SDS called for the dismisal of Keith Smith because - AGAIN - he was a racist because he was the one that fired the shot. So many people called this tragic incident a racist threat... wrong because they broke into his apartment... wrong because he supposedly had a child case of polio - yet Kofi fought off two tasers and four bean bag rounds... But, we still fought for someone's head on a platter, and never thought twice when Lt. Ettel was fired.

I think msmith is trying to do just what you said... gather the facts! She has to go on what was said or not said. So, were you there with Richards to know that he RAPED her? I hope to God that IF he raped her he gets what he deserves, but GOD if he didn't... wouldn't that be tragic that we judged him based on the fact that he pushed women around.


My point is that you dont KNOW what physical evidence there is. The case is pending, and it is FDLE's case. FDLE is the best of the best, they know what they are doing. (As jwex stated.) If there was no truth, they would have left 2 years ago and closed the case. Judges do not sign a bench warrant without evidence, nor does FDLE arrest without evidence, nor do judges place a defendant on an ankle monitor without evidence. Just realize that the only people telling a story here, are people who get their stories from the suspect. Nobody else is talking, because they are not allowed to.
If you want to go out with the guy, be my guest.


So... it seems that UPD is now "looking into" IP addresses to see who is posting on this blog. Is it an official IA? Who is your complaint against? Is this another witch hunt? or another fear tactic to get those to stop speaking the Truth? And, am I covered by some privacy act? Not that it matters to me... I just wouldn't want to violate policy. =)

Didn't UPD say that they pride themselves on being transparent? I am refering back to Gainesville Sun video after the firing of Lt. Ettel... oh heck, here's the link:,AAAAABGMt5Y~,W3tqT-mQ0BPuNqKkWeniA9aWaymDVNV6&bclid=0&bctid=524245082001

And, since you want and desire transparency... I will tell you who I am IF you tell us how Stump got hired as the Chief of UPD when Purdue had two pending lawsuits on her, AND one had already paid out (THREE lawsuits!). Tell us how Ed Poppell overlooked these things? What was his agenda? Tell us what kind of favorable information on Stump did Baxley have to overcome all the negative information? Did Poppell bring Stump in to clean house - knowing this is what she was capable of doing at Purdue? This was really his best choice? (If this was the best, I'd hate to see the other candidates background information.)

And since we are on the subject of transparency, can UPD give us the records that show the amount of bonus money each person received for the last 5 years (all the Lt.'s and above)... please include Major (?) Susan Norred's. This is public records - should be anyway. (Since the Lt.'s actually worked all these overtime hours during football season with no pay, I hope their pay was in comparison to the administration's bonus - if not more - since the administration hardly did anything... well, working in the air-conditioned office, while putting together a family album, while watching the football game on TV is very strenuous.)

I'll wait...


Wow, you people were busy posting over the weekend. Unethical, you should have relaxed and enjoyed that great Gator game. Go Gators!

Ok Unethical lets address some of your points. You said my facts come from an FDLE statement, etc. You're right. I am going by what FDLE said. Now, please correct me if I'm wrong, but FDLE's statement lists the reasons (evidence) for the arrest, correct? And all it said was victim said..., victim said..., victim said.... I never saw ANY evidence Richard stalked the girl. Wouldn't FDLE have said victim said.... and there is pictures/video to show Richard did something? You mean to say the Best of the Best (what movie is that from? Men in Black?) would have made a case and not used the best evidence possible? And again, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not criminology major, but doesn't FDLE have to turn ALL the evidence over once they file charges? So, where is the evidence in the stalking case? All we saw was she said...., she said....

Now, to address your hatred of defense attorney's. yes there job is to defend there clients, otherwise the police would just trample our rights. It is clear Unethical that you hate defense attorneys. Maybe you hate then so much you would have threatened to kill one?? Just asking.

Now again unethical correct me if I am wrong, because you sound like you know much more about the legal system than others posting, but isn't someone innocent until proven guilty? Isn't it the job of government to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and not the job of the defense to prove innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. I think you have the whole system backwards. I really hope you are not in law enforcement with that attitude. it would be really scary if you were.

So, who cares if Richard came up with an alibi. The government should have proved he did it. And it was not a jury that found Richard not guilty, the case was dropped by the government, right? So, even the government though the Best of the Best did such a bad job that the case was dropped?

And let me guess Unethical, you are now going to argue that the rape case is still open, right? so we should believe that FDLE went forward and charged Richard with there weaker case? Is it reasonable to believe FDLE has more or less evidence int he case they have not moved forward with? It reasons they have even less evidence in the rape case than they did in the stalking case, because the Best of the Best charged Richard in the stalking case but not the rape case. So FDLE moved forward with a case that they had no evidence for (the government dropped the case before a trial), but that have all this evidence of another crime and have not moved forward?

No need to check the IP address of Unethical, it is pretty clear who he is. The hatred of the defense attorney made that clear.

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