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Student Government senators unanimously passed a bill mandating SG to promote elections through social media.

During its meeting Tuesday, the Senate unanimously passed the Voter Information Act, a bill aiming to increase voter turnout during SG election, which was about 16 percent this Fall.

The bill, which passed the judiciary committee Sunday, would require the Supervisor of Elections to draft social media posts and send them to the Action SG chairperson for posting.

At least one post will promote the dates, times and polling locations for each election once details are finalized, and at least one other post will publicize the elections when polls open. At least two additional social media posts will advertise the absentee ballot deadlines, according to the bill.

The bill would require all posts to include the candidates’ names, and all official SG social media accounts must share the posts.

UF student Zachary Amrose, Sen. Michael Hoffman (Inspire, Hume) and Sen. Caleb Coppock (Impact, Graduate) authored the bill in a bipartisan effort.

Amrose, a UF political science sophomore, said he thought of writing a bill when he saw SG only posted on social media once during the Fall elections.

“Although this is a very positive step, the bill is an incomplete Band-Aid until online voting happens,” Amrose said.

At the meeting Tuesday, Sen. Zarella Berrocal (Inspire, District D) announced she’s planning to draft a bill that would revise the SG codes in order to fund feminine hygiene products on campus.

Berrocal wants to remove a phrase that restricts SG from funding “personal consumable products.” When asked why SG is able to fund condoms but not tampons, Berrocal said she was unsure.

Berrocal said Chase Werther, a UF philosophy junior, started the initiative Gators Matter, Period. Werther spoke to companies and calculated the cost would be about $2,000, Berrocal said.

“It should be bipartisan because it will affect all students — not just some,” Berrocal said. “It’s money, time and comfort for students.”

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