Student senators from both sides of the aisle emphasized bipartisanship after Inspire candidates were sworn into their seats Tuesday night.

Inspire members took 20 out of 100 Student Senate seats after last week’s election. Instead of unanimous appointments, Inspire nominated their own for the member-at-large positions: two regular senators who sit on the replacement and agenda committee, which appoints replacement senators when seats are empty.

Inspire members nominated Joel Kratt (Inspire, Tolbert) and Nathan Morse (Inspire, District D) for the positions. Both lost to Impact candidates Nicholas Adams (Business Administration, Impact) and Noah Harden (Impact, Freshman).

During the elections, some senators abstained from voting. Harden won 48 to 21, and Adams won 46 to 17.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done, and that’s not going to happen if we bicker at each other,” Morse said.

Senators elected Ian Green (Impact, Business Administration) as Senate President and Janae Moodie (Impact, College of Liberal Arts and Science) as Senate President Pro Tempore. Former Senate President Jackie Phillips was appointed the new Action SG chairwoman despite opposition to appoint her unanimously.

Green said this is the first time the senate president and pro-tempore positions will be held by black students.

“America is very diverse nation and our college should reflect and represent that,” he said.

Green also mentioned the importance of bipartisanship.

“I hope they reach across the aisle as much as possible,” Green said. “That’s the only way we’ll  succeed.”

The one tied seat between Impact candidates went to Maria Perez after the other candidate, Santiago Gutierrez, withdrew.

Romy Ellenbogen is a junior journalism major and the University Editor. She religiously checks her email inbox ([email protected]) and makes a great to-do list.